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Has the notoriety of McCain's VP choice eclipsed Obama's acceptance speech?

Asked by skfinkel (13511points) August 30th, 2008
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I’m thinking of another “n”: novelty, which will wear off after the pep rally at the RNC. Let’s get to the debates and see the real crust of the issues and policies of these candidates, not the appeal of who’s “hot for teacher.”

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McCain couldn’t have picked a better person. Female, all american type, educator, athlete mother, wife, has accomplished all she said she would when running for the ‘gov job. Those 14 million some odd cracks in the glass ceiling made by Hillary may have opened the heavens for McCain with female voters.

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Couldn’t disagree more. I think the choice of Palin is a terrible one by the McCain campaign. Who does he think he’s going to win over? Are there really HC supporters out there who will vote for McCain because he has a female running-mate even though she’s different on all the issues? Do they really think Americans dumb enough that all they need is a telegenic face with an all-American story? They just tossed their best narrative – “Obama’s not experienced.” This woman was mayor of a 5000 person town two years ago and then governor of a state with very unconventional issues. What if McCain died in office? I didn’t think I’d ever say this, but I think she’s even less qualified than GWB to be president of the US

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Never heard of her.

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I was absolutely shocked when I heard Palin had been chosen as McCain VP. She might draw a few Hillary supporters, but seeing as how she’s probably as far from being a feminist as you can be, I doubt it’ll be many. For someone who was running a campaign on reform and being hard on corruption, it’s awfully funny that she, herself, is now under investigation. And what the hell is all this I’ve seen on the news about her being against big oil? The woman sued the Bush administration for listing polar bears as endangered, fearing it would hurt potential drilling. And as if McCain hadn’t been hypocritical enough as is, he undermined his own experience argument by choosing someone with absolutely no experience in the arena of national politics; she’s been governor of Alaska for what… two years? Maybe less? And before that her only political experience was mayor of a town with a few thousand people. Again, she has no experience outside of Alaska. So what does that mean if McCain kicks the bucket? We’ll have a president with even less experience then Obama. It reeks of contradiction.

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to answer the question directly, yes. all you hear about is the lady veep, not much about obama’s speech.

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I think part of it is that the expectation was for Obama to deliver on his identification of the problems, and to see if he would side-step any of the issues. He identified every issue and seemed to put them on the table, so that while not entirely news-breaking, it was confirmation for a lot of skeptics; otherwise, the novelty of a woman VP seems to be heightened by comparisons to Hilary or the idea of a woman representing ideals of the woman vote (although it’s not exactly novel, except it’s the firs time for the GOP), which others have referred to already in this and other threads.

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