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WebMD is not a news site.

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If it is showing up in a news app, it may be because you have viewed similar things or things from WebMD and it is suggesting it to you. Not all things that news sites publish are actual “news”

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It was on broadcast news a day or 2 ago.

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I dunno, but it makes a lot of sense. I generally wolf down my food, I don’t know I’m full until I have eaten too much, and then I am sorry.

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@flo Is “wolfing down is bad for you” really news?

“It was on broadcast news a day or 2 ago.”

It’s news to me.

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Tons of things are news to me too but they’re not news.
@anniereborn But it’s not something that requires a study or something, since “it makes a lot of sense.”
@Pinguidchance Lots of things are news to me too, but they are not news.

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…There is the risk of choking and dying as a result on top of the weight thing. It doesn’t require a nutritionist or something to address that.

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First things first: the headline is not the complete story. Second, the headline of the story is not “Wolfing Down Is Bad For You,” it’s “Wolfing Down Food Could Be A Killer.” Even if it’s obvious that eating fast is bad for you (and it’s not obvious to plenty of people), it’s not obvious that it might kill you. Third, it’s definitely not obvious that eating fast could cause a very specific syndrome, and that’s the actual result of the study being reported in the study (which you would know if you looked beyond the headline).

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@Irukandji “Bad for you” No one has to specify to what degree it is meant to be bad for you. I don’t know how it cannot be percieved as bad for you regardless of the degree of bad. People who can’t read know it can kill you. If you’re going to avoid wolfing down to prevent choking to death, then is there a need to contemplate or waste time readin an article about a study.

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