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Who was prettier? Jan or Marcia?

Asked by JLeslie (58407points) 1 month ago from iPhone

Shaun or David?

Feel free to name other siblings real or on TV where most of the public seemed ga ga over one, but maybe you found the other more attractive.

Actually, Charlie’s Angels even comes to mind, everyone loved Farrah, but I thought Jaclyn Smith was the great beauty of the trio at the time.

For the record, I always thought Jan was prettier.

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Luke and Bo.

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I have no clue who they are!
I had a brief crush on Cheryl Ladd on her stint in CA.
Was only 12 at the time & blondes have never been my type, but hey, she was sexy.

I really fancied Mindy though, again, I’d have been pre teen.
I would have given anything to play with her nanu nanu!

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Cheryl Ladd was gorgeous. Blonde isn’t my type either, but she was beautiful.

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@JLeslie So where’s my name in red & my lurve?
Answer that & stay fashionable madam!!

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^^Just lurved you. My husband called me the second I finished my answer.

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I liked Jan best. Her naturalness. And that hair!

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David (even though he resembled his very creepy dad)
Jaclyn. She had/has a softer,more feminine face than Farrah
Marcia. That one was harder to choose but Jan was younger so Marcia wins
Monica on “Friends” She is a beauty
Frasier on “Frasier” He and Niles look alike but the bigger guy wins.

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@ucme, the Jan and Marcia are two of the daughters on The Brady Bunch

Jan, but not with the black wig
Mary Ann over Ginger
Peter over Greg
Mother Theresa over the Pope (take your pick)
Cash over Tango
Ashley over Mary Kate

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@Patty_Melt Ahh, gotcha!
Aware of the show, unfamiliar with the character’s names.
Looking back, I think ‘mom’ enjoyed rough sex :D

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David Cassidy was cuter.

Marcia was my age, and Jan was a baby sister, so Marcia.

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