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Do guys find it sexy when women talk in a "breathy, baby voice?" Tell the truth!

Asked by furious_rose (468points) December 16th, 2019

There’s a Korean stripper that my guy friends are just obsessed with.

She has a great body, but the first time I heard her voice, I thought it was a joke. It sounded like someone who has inhaled helium, or maybe like Kim Kardashian.

Do guys think it’s sexy when a woman talks in a “baby voice?” Be honest! Don’t say it’s a turn-off if secretly you really like it. I want to know! :)

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It sounds like Barbie having an asthma attack & is about as sexy as a woman wearing a beard because her face looks like a grazed elbow.

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My husband said he’ll pass.Good, as I’m not doing that lol

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Definitely not if it’s really extreme. If it’s flirty, in the right circumstances and not too over-the-top it could be a turn on.

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Yeah, I like that.
Especially when she comes close to me and whispers in my ear: ”PUT THE FUCKING TRASH OUTSIDE LIKE YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO….

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Not essential
Can’t hurt either

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I would get my attention…
Do you mean a high pitch squeaky voice like a cartoon character? I might get REALLY suspicious!

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There are particular voices I find very attractive. So much so I’ll almost completely overlook physical appearance. The high pitched type I have only met a couple of women with it.

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Here’s a little video from her Instagram for an example:

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Yeah, not into that. At all.

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No. Is she even human? She looks like she fell into the Uncanny Valley.

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Haha! It’s obviously fake, right? I wouldn’t want to be insulting someone if it’s a birth defect or something.

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I thought you were describing someone with a voice like mine, until the link. I could make my voice do that, but I can’t think of anything that would compel me to.
I doubt it is her voice which draws men. More likely it is her demeanor, which screams use me and toss me.

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@Patty_Melt There is nothing attractive about that woman. Nothing.

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I’d hit that.

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What you describe sounds like what Japanese women do. They are obsessed with women being “cute”.

If you’re a Japanese guy and that’s how every woman you’ve ever known acts like, I guess it’s expected. But to me it sounds hideous.

I will check with my daughter in Japan and perhaps she can send me a link and maybe even give me the name for it.

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If a woman spoke to me like that, I would assume wasn’t too bright, and dumb ain’t sexy.

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@Aykm, I don’t know why you addressede for your comment. I said nothing to indicate I think she is attractive, quite the contrary.

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Creepy. Just talk normal. Please.

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Adding fry talk to baby talk voice? No fucking way do I stick around for the second sentence, i’d Be walking away.

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No, don’t think so. Sultry yes,.

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For perspective, read through these answers.
Women speak this way to sound very young.
Many men there apparently like it.
Many employers in Japan actually require women employees to speak like this.

I am still waiting to hear from my daughter in Japan for her perspective.

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Does she talk when she strips?
Maybe her voice is a moot point.

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@snowberry – I’m running the risk of being labeled a racist by saying this, but I wonder if the Korean stripper developed that little baby voice as a result of cultural norms? Your response made me ponder that possibility, and it hadn’t even occurred to me before . . .

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@furious_rose I’m not sure about other Asian cultures, but the Japanese are very racist toward people of other cultures and skin types. My blonde fair skinned daughter has told me of many such instances. So I say it’s okay to go ahead and be “racist” on this question.

Yes, it probably is a result of cultural norms. At the very least, it’s demeaning and sexist toward women.

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Sorry, a double post…

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It’s not just Korean cultural norm. Why do you think it is that in our culture we women have to get rid of all body hair, except the hair on our heads?
I read an article about a 36 year old mother who spent time online as an 11 year old girl.
If it’s true it was pretty horrifying.

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I just heard back from my daughter in Japan about this. She says, ”Some companies tell women they can’t wear glasses because it makes them look “cold”, or uninviting. Remember how it was for women in the US was in the 1950’s? That’s what it’s like for women in Japan today.“

That attitude may be more or less normal throughout many/most Asian countries.

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@snowberry I live in Vietnam and to me it is a cultural norm. Women are supposed to talk in a high-pitched baby voice to be cute. It gets to the point that some people modify the voice in videos for that high pitch. The people who can most likely perform that kind of pitch are from Northern Vietnam, and even then they would try to make their voice even more baby-like. The voice seems to be popular among kids but to me that kind of voice just annoys me to no end. It sounds really fake, as if they know they are really bad people and are trying hard to sound innocent, like those bad characters in fairy tales.

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I have a really hard time handling that high pitched language, especially when there a lot of people talking all at once. It sounds like screaming to me.

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Some researchers have studied this. (published in US National Library of Medicine, National Institutes of Health) Source
Apparently, on average, men do have a preference for higher pitched voices.
And women prefer lower pitched voices.

The paper lists other examples from the animal kingdom. Humans are not unique.

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