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What kind of Christmas lights do like the most?

Asked by josie (30931points) December 17th, 2019

Multicolor, or one color?
Mini lights, or big bulbs?
Steady, or flashing?

Or what?

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Stars on a clear winter night sky.

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White lights can be classier, but I love multicolor lights and I use multicolor in decorating my room. I prefer mini-lights indoors, but bigger bulbs look better outdoors. I can’t stand flashing lights; I find them very irritating.

I also prefer incandescent to LED. LED lights flicker (noticeable to me, especially out of the corner of my eye), they tend to have a dominant blue and green, giving them a colder look, and they don’t give off much light. There’s no warm glow from them. Obviously I get that they use far less energy and last longer, but incandescent lights are what I grew up with and I much prefer the look of them.

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I like the old style, chubby bulbs that will burn the hell out your hand when you touch them.(a friend said that will happen)
The new lights with nontraditional colors such as purple and turquoise are pretty too.
Then there is the rebellious standard porch light.

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I like any color(s) but I do not like movement, blinking, or twinkling. The newer lights that make the front of the house look like the ocean or bubbles, etc….....horrible…tacky plus they give me vertigo if I look at them for more than several seconds.

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Little blue/white non blinking ones.

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Cascading same colour buggers!
Add a subtle hint of blinking colour & I’m as happy as a pig in shit!

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Small, LED – clear or light blue.

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