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Did you know it's not illegal in any US state to drive barefooted?

Asked by Dutchess_III (46938points) December 19th, 2019

That, and the idea that sugar causes kids to become hyper, are two of the most tenacious myths of all time.

It’s not illegal to drive barefoot

Sugar does not make kids hyper ” may be the parent’s belief that sugar causes hyperactivity that inadvertently encourages kids to become more active after eating a sweet treat.”

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Technically it’s not illegal, nor is it illegal to drive with headphones on, or earbuds in, while driving. But I wouldn’t do either regardless.

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I can understand why wearing earbuds or headphones is not a good idea. You can’t hear what you need to hear with them on. That’s logical.
There is no logic whatsoever for not driving barefoot. I can feel the pedals better with my bare feet.

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I think driving barefoot is a little risky as one could injure the foot haphazardly and cause a reaction that may or may not take ones eyes off the road?

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You could hurt a hand haphazardly.
You could hurt your face haphazardly.
A spider could drop off the ceiling and on to your lap.

It’s a hell of a lot safer driving barefoot than with flip flops, and many other kids of foot wear, on.

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If flip-flops are your benchmark that’s a pretty low standard to set.

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Flip flops can get hung up in the pedals, or the heel can hang up on the floor. So can sandals, but flip flops are worse because they aren’t secondarily secured. They’re just flopping around.

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The possibility of injury is higher going barefoot.

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So why don’t you wear gloves and a helmet when you’re driving, too?

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^ Who says I don’t?

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You wear protective gloves and a helmet when driving your car?

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Yes, I know that. I also know that you must wear shoes on a motorcycle. In at least one state even though driving barefoot is not illegal, if you have an accident you will likely be cited for reckless driving because of it.

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I would imagine they’d require shoes on a motorcycle, just like they require helmets. Rick wore leathers, too. That’s all the protection you have.

I can’t think of any logical correlation between having a wreck and driving a car barefooted. If the cop was dumb enough to give me a ticket for it, when the other guy caused the wreck, I guess he’d see me in court.

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It was in Nevada years ago, at least.

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I knew that. My driving instructor mentioned it.

In general, driving without bare feet doesn’t really impair driving. It seems to me that it actually tends to heighten physical awareness. But for people who always wear shoes, it might be distracting and unfamiliar at first.

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If I had my druthers I would never wear shoes.

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I learned to drive in Utah about 50 years ago. It was illegal to drive barefooted then.

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Bet it wasn’t. We just heard it was and didn’t question it. There is no reason for it to be illegal. None.

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Moot point.

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Why do you say that @kritiper?

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“So why don’t you wear gloves and a helmet when you’re driving, too?”

You assume the law(or not) is about keeping you safe.

Here is my story about headphones.. From over 10 years ago.

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I understand the logic behind headphones being illegal. It impairs your ability to hear emergency vehicles. Or helicopters descending on you
This isn’t about headphones. It’s about bare feet. Which don’t impair your ability to drive and they don’t block out the outside world @johnpowell

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Laws exist to keep you, and people around you, safe @johnpowell.

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