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Do you eat breakfast?

Asked by Dutchess_III (46938points) December 20th, 2019

On the “Christmas morning breakfast” thread I was surprised to see several Jellies who doesn’t eat breakfast. I thought I was the only one. I wondered if there are any more out there? Is there any reason you don’t eat breakfast? For me, it’s just too much of a hassle first thing in the morning! Plus I have no appetite in the morning.

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Since a year I do.
The previous twenty six I didn’t.

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I don’t give myself time to make it, and I try to avoid fast food.

So it’s a banana and coffee, or nothing and coffee

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During the week I wake up at 9:40, and my first meal of the day is lunch.
On the weekend, my first meal is dinner.

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What changed a year ago @rebbel?

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Yes. At least I try very hard to make time for it. Running on empty does scary things to my mood and energy level.

The best trick I’ve found is to prepare smoothies ahead of time. That way, I can just grab a jar of breakfast. Takes maybe two minutes to drink, and makes me feel so much better.

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No not always, if i have time ill have a tall glass of OJ, Avocado whole wheat toast. Or just oatmeal or a nice savory omelette. Then I’m out the door!

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Oh! That reminds me…I have tomato juice in the fridge! Better bring that to the front so I don’t forget.

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I grind up enough concoction (whey protein, spirulina, peanut powder, branch chain AA, glucosamine, strawberries, blue berries and non-fat milk) to last 3 days.

I dump ⅓ of the concoction onto a bowl of whole wheat cereal. And add more non-fat milk.

It doesn’t taste good. But I eat it anyway to fill my belly and power up my body for the day’s workout and activities. My wife is a dietitian and she says my breakfast is well over 1000 Kcals. I don’t have a problem burning them all and then some. I’m blade thin (143 lbs and 5’ 10”). I use to be 5’ 11½”.

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@Dutchess_III I started a healthier life style.
Strongly reducing (added) sugar intake.
Do fitness.
Reduce salt intake.
Eat breakfast (oatmeal and fruits).

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I have to. I’m diabetic. But I go with quick options.

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Good for you @rebbel. Have you noticed a difference?

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Usually. But yesterday I had breakfast in a diner at 5AM, and ate nothing else til a burger at 1AM this morning. Went to bed at 4. Woke up at 10 to kiss the wife goodbye for her trip. I Still haven’t eaten and it’s now 5:25 PM. I’m having food fantasies and am contemplating a huge salad buried in shrimp with half a loaf of garlic bread. I have to check the fridge to see if there is anything there to dissuade the extravagance and thus salve my conscience.

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Yes. My body needs fuel to start the day.

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Absolutely. I’m a diabetic and I wake up hungry. Eggs, ham, iced coffee with milk.

If I’m gonna skip a meal, or just have a snack like baby carrots and jerky, it’ll be lunch.

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I don’t eat until I’ve been awake five or six hours. I usually eat that one meal. At night I have popcorn or (sometimes and) ice cream. I had toasted ham and cheese sandwiches this afternoon. I had two clementines around 8 and I just had a suger-free fudge popsicle.

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I usually eat once a day. Typically, a few hours before I go to sleep.
If I’m working a long shift somewhere, I’ll have a snack, to keep my energy up…

When I worked 12 hour shifts, at the Veterinary Emergency Hospital, I was infamous for having a bad of turkey pepperoni, and hot sauce, in my ICU. I would eat a few, while entering records…

When I was a LEO, I learned not to eat anything, while on duty. Getting punched in the stomach, after a meal, sucks. I also tried to keep my bladder, as empty as possible. That reduces the risk of a ruptured bladder…

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Same here @Sagacious. I eat around 2 or 3, and I’m pretty much done for the day. I’ve added up the hours between meals, and it’s about 22 to 24 hours. Longer if there is a big meal, like a barbecue around dinner time the next day. I don’t eat at all prior to it.

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I usually don’t eat, for a couple days, before a holiday meal…

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I’ve never gone that far, but maybe next time I’ll try. It won’t hurt me.

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Well. I’m a big guy. My body, can go awhile, without food…

I usually fluctuate, 10 lbs, or so, every week. That’s not the same, as a person of average size…

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Out of curiousity, do you non-eaters not get hungry? Or do you ignore that feeling?

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I’ve done twenty six years without it, and I never was hungry, until around noon.
The system ‘gets used’ to changes (the first twenty five years I did eat breakfast), it seems.

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I get hungry, but I ignore it.

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I wish I could ignore it. If I’m really hungry, stomach growling and all, I get a whopper of a headache within 30 minutes and very dizzy within an hour.

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@longgone I agree with @rebbel. We train our bodies to get hungry at certain times of the day. I don’t get hungry until around noon, but I ignore it for another 2 or 3 hours. Sometimes it actually goes away.

But mostly I take hunger as a suggestion, not a demand.

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That’s interesting. I take erections as a suggestion, not a demand. Food though, that’s a demand for me.

‘course it was the other way around as a teenager I suspect.

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^Wouldn’t it be nice if we didn’t have to worry about eating, as if our life depended on it? I feel your pain. <3

What’s this nonsense about suggestions? Your body demands and needs nutrients. One burrito or McMuffin per day is not sufficient or healthy.

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I have coffee right away when I wake up, usually. Food, though, I don’t want until a few hours after I wake up. If I wake up at six, I’m not hungry until around ten. I may have a bagel and a little while later, some Greek yogurt that I add ground walnuts and berries to. If I’m in a hurry, maybe I’ll just grab a tangerine.

I’m not usually eating hearty breakfasts like eggs and bacon, unless I’m in a hotel or on rare occasions, meeting friends for breakfast.

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@Jonsblond: Agreed. I always use the fuel analogy too.

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@Jonsblond as I said, we actually train our bodies to send out hunger signals at certain times of the day, by eating at certain times of the day whether we’re hungry or not. They can be false signals.
You know when you’re really hungry. There is much more to it than mere hunger pangs.

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It depends on your lifestyle, and your access to food.
For example, when you are thirsty, you are already dehydrated.
But. Your body can adapt to survive, many different circumstances…

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It’s 3:00 and I’m eating for the first time…a grilled chicken sandwich from Sonic, with extra tomato. Yesterday I had a 6” turkey and provolone cheese with lettuce and tomato from Subway.

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And you’re alive, and thriving. Despite what nutritional information suggests…

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Right? Somewhere, somehow we got the notion that it was good to eat 2 or 3 times more food every day than we used to.
When I was in college I skipped breakfast and had a bowl of mashed potatoes and gravy for lunch. Random stuff for dinner.
After college, before I got married, I’d often only eat a bean and cheese burrito and two cheese enchiladas from Taco Tico for my daily intake.

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Whatever works for you.

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@Dutch You are not the norm. Quit using yourself as an example of how everyone else should eat. You only give examples of horrible fast food that you eat once a day ffs.

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