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What's your take on Carlos Ghosn, former CEO of Nissan and Renault, who somehow escaped from Japan and flew to Lebanon earlier this week?

Asked by elbanditoroso (30570points) January 2nd, 2020

He had been held for some white collar crimes in Japan’s notoriously unfair judicial system.

My take: good for him.

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I love it when there’s a news story that doesn’t affect me or that I don’t feel responsible for. No take on it at all. ‘Tis what it is.

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“Japan’s notoriously unfair judicial system.”, according to Mr. Ghosn.

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Well, they do have a 90%+ conviction rate, and that is not because that many are actually guilty.
Cops can hold you indefinitely until they get a “confession” out of you.

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I know nothing of Japan’s judicial system, so I’m not convinced that they are as crooked as Mr Ghosin has proclaimed. It does appear to me that Japan allowed Mr Ghosin to leave the country so they wouldn’t have to prosecute him.They allowed his lawyers to hold his 3 passports rather than have the government confiscate them. He turned over his 3 legal passports but neglected to turn over his spare passport. My doubts revolves around the question why didn’t Japan know about the 4th passport?

Didn’t he steal some money from the numerous automotive corporations that he helped to establish? I hadn’t kept up with his story until it became a daily intrusion into my life. I have had my own set of problems in my US life, so Japan’s problems didn’t really concern me & I neglected to pay attention.

Any chance trump threatened to withhold funds from Japan until they released Ghosin so it would give the news feed the US would be seeing &’ hopefully give us something different to discuss until he can come up with a better idea

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I know nothing about it, and thus (unusual for an American) have no opinion at all on the subject.

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Escaping to Lebanon is not what I would consider the best alternative to run from the law. Makes me question his thinking.

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@zenvelo His wife is from Lebanon & I’m guessing that she has political contacts that can assist him.

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What little I know of him, he is of Lebanese ancestry, holds Lebanese citizenship and has business and political ties in Lebanon. He’ll likely be protected there.

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My guess is he is a criminal who got away. But the ninjas will find him sooner or later. lol

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He spent company money that was outside of his salary on personal stuff.

Although the company did not provide details, reports in the Japanese media stated that Nissan was paying all or some of the costs at some amount of US$18 million for residences used by Ghosn in Rio de Janeiro, Beirut, Paris and Amsterdam, and that Ghosn charged family vacation expenses to the company.[160] The purchases of some of these residences and the payment of expenses were handled by a shell company named Zi-A Capital BV based in the Netherlands, which Kelly had instructed Nissan’s board to set up to make venture investments at the end of 2010 (around the same time as Ghosn’s divorce from his first wife and beginning of a relationship with his second wife).[142] Nissan funds were used to purchase Ghosn’s Paris apartment in 2005, and Zi-A funds were used to purchase his $5 million beachfront Rio apartment in 2012 and his Beirut mansion, which, with renovations, cost over $15 million.[142] Nissan compliance auditors began trying to track Zi-A activity in 2014 but were stymied at first by the chain of shell companies used in Zi-A investments.

I believe there are already seven arrests of people around him that facilitated the fraud. So if you are cool with that.. Jesus is going to have a word with you in a few years.

And from what I could find the dude made around 15 million a year legit as the CEO. So all this shit over years wages. Greed is one hell of a drug.

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