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Why do streaming services stop making shows available?

Asked by janbb (55890points) 3 weeks ago

I’ve been in a nice routine of watching an episode or two of “Frasier” on Netflix at night. Last night, I went to watch it and it was not there. Most annoying! Does it have to do with licensing agreements or something?

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CBS All Access has it now, maybe Hulu.
Not the Q, I know, just FYI.

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Yes, Netflix lost their rights to show Frasier & Friends The company who has the rights (HBO Max I think) are starti/ng their own streaming service & doesn’t want Netfllx competing with them. They’ve also lost some of the Disney streams due to the new Disney+ streaming service!!!

A few years back they lost Murder She Wrote for several months but then got it back.

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Very frustrating. I have Netflix, Prime and cable. Really do not want to spend for other services.

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Licensing. The companies that license these programs to services like Netflix only do so for a fixed period of time. Sometimes those licenses are renewed, sometimes not. Recently Netflix hasn’t too keen on renewing the licensing for many of these programs, as they want to focus on content that they have ownership of. But if you have Hulu or Amazon Prime you can still find Fraiser on either.

Personally I dropped Netflix months ago. It’s gotten less and less worth the cost for me, and their original content often, in my view, leaves something to be desired. Even season 3 of Stranger Things was a dud.

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The streaming services are going to die because of their own games.

No one is going to want to subscribe to 20 different streaming services, each with a monthly fee and each with their own login hassles. And as we have seen, you can’t trust them – content comes and goes.

Eventually we’re going to get back to a bundled solution (like Cable TV) because streaming isn’t worth the effort.

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@elbanditoroso You make a lot of sense. It is terribly annoying. Prime only has Season 1 with ads and I’m not subscribing to CBS All Access. I was in the middle of Season 3 and really enjoying it.

And I agree with you Darth about the Netflix original content being shit for the most part. I still have it for some things but am watching and waiting.

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One of the good thing about having more than one option is that you can cancel one & then accept another. Hulu has 5 seasons of Frasier. Hulu is $5.99/mon with ads & $11.99 without ads & I think the first week or the first month is free. It’s been so long since I signed up with them, I don’t remember which it was. IF it’s a month, you could binge watch & possibly finish out your season 3 & then watch seasons 4 & 5. When you complete all the seasons, you can cancel Hulu & then reup with Netflix if you decide you like their offerings at the time.

I keep my Prime & then flip flop between Netflix & Hulu. I also have Roku on my TV & get many movies for free without worrying about Netflix or Hulu. Some of the new streaming services are only $4.99/mon.

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Pretty much how I do it. Once I’ve watched everything that interests me on one service I drop it. Pick up one of the others for a bit. Thinking about trying Disney+ for a bit, but the only thing that really interests me on it for the time being is The Mandalorian, so I may do the bundle with Hulu.

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^^I do the same. I’m waiting for The Handmaids Tale to return to Hulu. I paused our subscription until then.

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Hulu was started by NBC, but I was reading today that they are now owned by Disney so the Disney/Hulu bundle might be a good choice!!! I’ve been considering dropping Netflix & jumping over to Disney+, but I’ve been waiting to hear what others think about them before taking the plunge!!!

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Yeah, Hulu was basically a joint venture between Fox and NBC/Universal. Universal at one point sold pretty much all of it’s ownership stake to Fox, and with Disney’s recent acquisition of 21st Century Fox* that makes it pretty much sole owner of Hulu.

*Not included in the Disney acquisition was Fox News, which the Murdoch’s had no interest in selling, Fox Sports (due to Disney’s ownership of ESPN) and Fox Television Network (due to Disney’s ownership of ABC).

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This is why we got rid of Netflix, they kept getting rid of all the decent shows. I assume most of these services only have shows and movies available for as long as their contract allows. Hulu seems to be pretty decent.

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