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Why would opening a link in a new window or in a new tab not work?

Asked by flo (12729points) 2 weeks ago

If it works when clicking on a link, why would it not work if using the features “Open in a new window” or “Open in a new tab”?
For example:

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As I wrote the other day, gappssmtp is NOT a web site.

It is an email server and processor. To open was a website, the server must support HTTPS and port 80.

Email servers use different ports, and not usually support the web.

Now, instead of ignoring what I wrote the other day, why not ask a real question. What are you looking for and what are you trying to accomplish?

You will NEVER get an answer from

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What @elbanditoroso said is right.

It’s either your end or theirs. It would appear it is their end because it isn’t a website as @elbanditoroso said.
To answer your question, not considering the link, sites may not open because they have to much traffic, their site is down, or their servers are down. They may also not work because you have bad connection, aren’t connected, or your computer is just weird.

Also, I don’t know if it has been brought up in the previous question but gappsmtp is coming up on google as a scam/phishing thing. As in, if you receive and email from a, it is probably not legit and could steal your info? So why do you want to reach it so bad it sounds like a scam?

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One minor correction to what @SergeantQueen wrote. is owned by Google and is used to prevent spam, not to create it.

GAPPS = Google Apps
SMTP = Simple Mail Transport Protocol

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Oooohhh @elbanditoroso thanks for correcting me! I was confused as I was reading the links and it came across as a scam. Thank you!

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By the way it’s not the first time I have come across that problem (getting error message instead of a website, only when using open in a new window or tab) but ok clicking on it.

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@flo can you rephrase what you said because I am confused?

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@SergeantQueen Ok, try it every time you’re about to click on a link, try ’’‘Open in a new window’‘or ’’‘Open in a new tab’’ features first. Most of the time no problem, but once in a while you might get an “This site can’t be found’’ or something like that, at least with Firefix or Chrome or both) I happened to me a few times, with regular websites.

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@elbanditoroso ’‘the server must support HTTPS and port 80.’’ Then why is it ok when clicking in it? Like I have it in my detail, it’s just an example.
-“What are you trying to accomplish?” I’m trying to figure out why those features don’t work, sometimes.
-“You will NEVER get an answer from.” I’m not trying to get an answer from them.

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@SergeantQueen by the way, hover on Fluther logo or any tab on Fluther , like ’‘meta’’, ’‘social’’ or someone’s avatar, and use the ’‘open in a new window” or the ’‘open in a new tab’’ feature. There is no error message.

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I mean…clicking on it, not clicking in it.

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