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In Windows Vista, my "DOWNLOADS" window shows the file I'm downloading, but then clears before I get to install it. Why?

Asked by SirBailey (3130points) May 21st, 2009

It didn’t always do this. Usually it showed the downloaded file, I’d click on it and it would install. Now it shows the downloaded file and then it disappears. The file downloads, but I have to chase it.

I use Firefox.

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In FF, go to Tools>Options>Main>Uncheck Close it when all downloads are finished.

It will now keep the download window open after the file has downloaded.

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The window STAYS open. The file name disappears.

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I had “History” set to zero days in Tools>Options. I changed it to one day. Maybe that’s the reason. Will see.

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That was it!

@eambos, thanks for the tip!

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Looks like I didn’t have the right solution, but at least it guided you to the correct general area. Glad you could fix it.

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Oooops thought you were using IE, FAIL me :(

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