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Is the following quote based on truth?

Asked by luigirovatti (1515points) 6 days ago

Classical hypnosis involved three stages of trance, each deeper than the one preceding it. The first, to be employed for people who wanted to give up smoking or stop eating, was really not a trance at all but a state of deep relaxation. The second brought the patient to a stage at which he retained his sense of feeling but had little sense of pain. He would be aware of a pinprick but not wince to it. A heightened sense of memory and an acceptance of post-hypnotic suggestion characterized this stage. The third stage produced a trance so complete that patients were fully anaesthetized. People with deadly allergies to conventional anaesthetics underwent major surgery in third-stage trances: Caesareans, breast implants, thyroidectomies, even battlefield amputations in World War I. Only one person in four or five, however, could be put into a third-stage trance. only in the third stage could the hypnotist achieve ‘regression’. Regression was a voyage into the client’s past life. What was involved was a kind of play-acting with the hypnotherapist assuming different roles, friend, mother, father, boss, to spur the client’s memory. The aim was to find in that exploration of the past explanations for the client’s problems, to discover positive feelings, attitudes on which to anchor a therapy of post-hypnotic suggestion.

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No. Hypnotherapy regression is false, and is a manipulation of the subject’s recall with false memories.

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I would be interested in where the quote came from, and when it was written.

Without knowing the author, and his/her credentials, and in particular how the study was done, it is impossible to say.

So a quote – by itself – doesn’t mean much. Methodology and scientific rigor, along with supporting data, is needed.

Until that is given, this is nothing more than mumbo-jumbo.

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@elbanditoroso: If that quote was made by me, would you have given a different answer?

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You can’t make a subject of hypnosis do something that they normally wouldn’t do. The sub-conscience mind won’t allow it.

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No, same answer. I would want some sort of backing.

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@luigirovatti that page (and most of her website) is just marketing and opinion. Not scientific, not attributed to anyone or anything. The website doesn’t even give her name – only Sonia. The entire website is a sales pitch.

The only academic – believable – area is on this page – where she links to academic research articles that are actually perr-reviewed and serious.

My problem is that she’s passing her opinion along as if it were fact. But that’s advertising for you.

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