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War, what is it good for?

Asked by ucme (48790points) 5 days ago

Absolutely nothing lots :D

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It’s good to watch an Asian man and a black man dance in the car!

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Particularly for the Asian bloke if there’s an Alabama black snake joining the party!

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It’s good for writing shitty songs asking what it’s good for.

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Absolutely muffins!

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It makes a select few very wealthy.

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Absolutely nothing.

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CNN ratings.

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Gaining Lebensraum in the east.

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Getting dumb Trumpites to wave their fists in the air, as false patriotism, and to look the other way, while he continues to rape our country.

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Haliburton and their employees, from what I hear.

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It helps reduce over population.

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Messing up the minds and bodies of a lot of young people.

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To see who’s the strongest and who can win.

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Whooping the ass of the enemy.

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War is good for the economy. Not for people who are doing the fighting, however.

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say it again.. Good God y’all!

It inspired Tolstoy

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