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Is it common knowledge that hot water and copper pipes shouldn't mix for drinking/cooking?

Asked by flo (13313points) January 14th, 2020

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Never use hot water from the tap for cooking or drinking. Hot water will dissolve copper more quickly than cold water.

In addition, copper pipes in new homes may have a problem with copper working its way into the water that you drink.

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…And what medical problem results from too much copper?

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It is not common knowledge because it simply is not an issue. There is a real issue with lead but it’s more of a thing in older houses where lead solder was used to sweat pipes together. It is really only when you use hot water for drinking. Last I checked most people use cold water for that. It is possible for water to sit in a copper pipe for weeks on end and it will taste bad if it has too much. Simply run the water for a while to bring in fresh, clean water. Copper poisoning is real but you won’t get it from your pipes, they are safe. You need trace amounts of it anyway. Poisoning from too much is known to happen from other environmental exposures and old fashioned copper cookware. Don’t cook in unlined or copper cookware with a damaged liner.

Most people use a filter of some type as well.

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I have seen some websites that address it extensively, but for othr scholars.

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@ARE_you_kidding_me By the way it interferes with the absorbtion of zinc.

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