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How long do you think Microsoft will get away with having Windows 10 be their "last" version of Windows, before they have to make a new version?

Asked by ragingloli (51998points) January 14th, 2020

What will be the trigger for it? Widespread availability of quantum computing hardware?

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When they name it “Doors” or whatever silly name they choose for their pathetic excuse for an O.S.

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Win10 has already lasted longer than I thought it would. The next catalyst will be when they need an influx of cash!!!

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Well I keep getting notices that support for 10 is ending next year.

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@LadyMarissa they upgrade you for free within a certain timeframe.

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DUH…I’m aware. I’ve cursed their upgrades more than once!!!

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It’s Windows 7 that support is ending for.

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switch to mac and stop worrying.

sorry. leaving now.

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I’ll get a screen shot @ARE_you_kidding_me.

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I thought I read somewhere that Microsoft is designing Windows 11 and has plans for a Windows 12… I’m probably wrong.

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BTW when did they ever say that 10 was their “last version”? That would be an absurd thing to say.

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@LadyMarissa so if you know the upgrades are free where would the infusion of cash for Microsoft come from?

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@Dutchess_lll They’ll STOP offering the free upgrades & come up with a new “paid for” to make some money. When did they announce that 10 would be the last one? That was the MAIN selling point of Win10 when it first came out. They claimed that it is designed to be updated rather than replaced.

According to Microsoft there will be NO 11, 12, or any other OS from them other than 10. The message you’re seeing offering you 11 is claimed to be malware that’s attempting to scam you & control your computer. Maybe you should download 11 & let us know how well it works!!!

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@Nevada83 You’re not wrong. I’ve read it as well but Microsoft always seems to claim that those reports are false. I read somewhere recently that one of the upcoming updates will be named Win11. It will be a free update and not a completely new OS that we have to pay in order to upgrade

I find Microsoft to be a lot like our government. They will lie to us until it becomes advantageous for us to hear the truth

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It is extremely unlikely Microsoft will call the product “Windows 10” for much longer. It’s five years old now.

My bet is they will change it to “Windows”. There will be numbered versions, but 90% of the users will not know or care.

Like Android and iOS.

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