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Is there a baking ingredient we should not put on a bleeding cut?

Asked by flo (13313points) January 15th, 2020

It could be a basic baking or other kind of cooking, by the way. So, is there anything or are all the basic, ingredients are harmless? If you think of a non basic ingredient feel free to refer to it, please.

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Vinegar. Lemon juice. Salt. Anything acidic.

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Why would you put any on a bleeding cut?

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Ok. Thanks @SergeantQueen.
Is there anything (food related) that would be good to put on a cut?

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I’m not sure you should be putting food related things on a cut?

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You can eat things to apparently make your body heal faster according to a quick google search. I’d play it safe and only put medical things on cuts to heal like bandaids and stuff to clean the wound

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What should we eat? I know alcohol is under the do not column, if you want it to heal faster.

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@SergeantQueen That site looks sound from just scanning it. Thanks

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I know alcohol is not a food item, I meant to refer to things people consume.

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The best thing to put on a bleeding cut is pressure. If it doesn’t stop bleeding, or the cut is deep then you need to go to an ER or urgent care to get stitches. Putting food on it doesn’t help.

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That’s mostly true. However, one great example, is from my days working as an EMT at the Emergency Animal Hospital. Part of my job, was to talk to owners, about whether they should bring an animal in, based on information they gave me.
A common problem was people cutting their dog’s toenails, too short. If they didn’t want to have the dog seen, we recommended corn starch, to stop the bleeding. It works, and I never heard of any adverse effects. I worked there for about 9 years.

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DO NOT put uncooked cookie dough with raw eggs on a wound. It may seem like a good idea, but you might get salmonella poisoming.

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@Caravanfan The cut has to be very very very, tons of times very deep cut for ER though. And re. “Putting food on it doesn’t help.“_ I was referring to ingredientsof baking but not necessarily food item, as in corn starch which @MrGrimm888 mentioned.

@MrGrimm888 Is that the ony thing, any other basic/common baking ingredient that would work the same way?

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Well. Corn starch, is a baking ingredient. I suppose you could try flour, but we never used it…

Anything non-abrasive. Should help the blood coagulate.
Just nothing with added spice…
But corn starch, was very similar to the powder we used, for the problem. And it’s easy to find, or cheaper to buy, than spend $200 at the Animal Hospital…

Some extreme vets, put honey, and old wounds, but I never thought it worked.

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As an aside is this all for basic baking ingredients:

@MrGrimm888 Is it just for animals?
And what did you mean by “Some extreme vets, put honey, and old wounds”

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I’m sure people have put honey, on old wounds before. I sure wouldn’t. But. That’s probably where it originated.

We had patient(dog) that was paralyzed from the neck down, from a spinal fusion complication. We gave her fluffy bedding, and rotated her, every few hours. But. She developed bed soars, on her shoulders and hips, on both sides of her body. After a few weeks, they were just getting worse, in spite of any treatment we had. We used EVERY possible medication, and ointment, known to man. We rotated her every hour. We designed a sort of hang her, in a position to keep pressure off of the joints. Built it from scratch, out of PVC pipes, and mesh.
Nothing worked….:(
After ALL medical treatments were exhausted, we turned to holistic methods. We started applying honey, to her wounds.
I don’t know if it was just too late or what, but that didn’t work out either…..
So. I can’t vouch, for it’s effectiveness…

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Honey actually can aid in healing wounds. Especially wounds that are difficult to heal on their own. Still, I wouldn’t use regular honey off the grocery store shelf. There is, however, a wound care product made with honey. The name brand stuff is called Medihoney. It can be a bit pricey, but I can speak from first hand experience that shit is worth it. When I was sidelined with my abdomen cut open down to my guts, a year and a half ago, that stuff was invaluable in helping it to heal.

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^Thank the lord. I’m glad it worked for you….

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