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What is the closest to the real thing (not processed) orange juice out there?

Asked by flo (12907points) November 13th, 2013

The best thing is to just eat the orange itself, but if you have to chose between the juices in the market, (Edited) which are the top 2 or 3?

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Many stores have a juicer right in the store. You just buy the oranges and they process them for you right there for a small fee.

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@YARNLADY “Many stores have a juicer right in the store. You just buy the oranges and they process them for you right there for a small fee.”

I remember that! I have not seen that in over 10 or more years. I bet you’d see it in California – you can buy fresh fruit from street vendors.

Even Whole Foods in the south doesn’t do that. I wish they did. I loved that stuff.

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I have owned a small electric juicer for years. It is easy to squeeze juice oranges and get lots of pulp, also. In researching what is sold today, I see much more complicated machines, with more parts to break.

Here’s one that is similar to mine.

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I would go with Odwalla, about as pure as you can get on the market.

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One great thing about being back in Florida is fresh squeezed orange juice right in the supermarket. It isn’t made there, but they have a brand that comes in a quart size that is fresh squeezed. Short shelf life, but the real thing. Tropicana and Minute Maid don’t come anywhere close. We buy Tropicana and Minute Maid sometimes, but it is like a different juice altogether in my opinion. I prefer Minute Maid to Tropicana.

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Try this stuff

Indian River orange juice. Best Valencia orange juice going. Pricey. But soooo good.

edit: just realised you might have been talking about Indian River in your post. ^_^

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Sunny D!
Is there a farmer’s market nearby? The one I go to freshly squeezes orange juice right then and there.

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@Seek_Kolinahr I buy a different one, I have no idea the name. I rarely drink oramge juice, so I don’t buy it a lot. I do buy the Minute Maid and Tropicana more often because my husband likes low acid and no pulp. I like the real deal, have to shake it up because it separated so much, with plenty of pulp. Mostly I drink water though, so that OJ is a treat.

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There is a farmers’ market store near my house that has a juicer, but I usually go to the grocery store and buy Tropicana because is is almost as good, but half the price.

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I like Simply Orange Orange juice.

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Big Fruit is trying to tell people how important it is to drink OJ, but many doctors warn people that fresh squeezed to concentrate is high in sugars.

The next OJ I buy will be some of the diabetic OJ. I don’t have diabetes, but I don’t want to get it either.

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@filmfann Best to just eat an orange, the fiber slows down the glycemic load of the sugars in the orange.

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Can’t I just have a glass of orange juice with my whole wheat French toast?

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@filmfann Pretty much I equate orange juice with Coca-cola in terms of sugar and calories. Maybe because it basically is the same. Except Coke has some other stuff in it that isn’t good for you. Still, they are both sugar water in my mind. But, if orange juice is the craving at the moment it’s nice when it tastes fresh squeezed.

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@JLeslie Agreed, I rarely drink it because of the sugar, bleck… Easier and more delicious to peel and eat, or juice myself. (Juice myself, that sounds odd.)

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Thank you all for your suggestions.
Between say Simply Orange and Tropicana health-wise which is better?

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Pretty much orange juice is orange juice, it doesn’t matter what brand. Some of them fortify with Vitamin D or extra C if you are interested in that sort of thing.

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I like Simply Orange and Tropicana Pure Premium, and always get the one with no pulp and added calcium and vitamin D.

I prefer Simply Orange because I can reuse the bottle. There’s really no other difference – both are made with Florida oranges and are not from concentrate.

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