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Are posts deaf?

Asked by elbanditoroso (27692points) 1 month ago

I overheard someone today saying “he’s deaf as a post”.

Are posts deaf?

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Yes. Yes, they are. They are as deaf as…well…posts.

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Yes, that’s what I’ve heard.

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Only the mail ones

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Well I’ve never seen a post react to noise, so I’m leaning towards “yes”.

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Posts can’t hear a goddamned thing. That’s why they are all along the fence line.

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My mom used to use the expression dumb as a post, but I guess maybe deaf as a post might be a thing too. Posts don’t speak or hear was probably the origin, but my mom used dumb as a post to mean the person was stupid, and I think that would still be the common interpretation today in America, since dumb is most frequently used to mean stupid, and mute is more typically used to signify unable to speak.

Anyway, I’d say yes, posts are deaf.

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Pre-op post are, yes.
Post-op poles not so much.

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Since inanimate things are incapable of human qualities of hearing etc then the answer is yes.

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@Inspired_2write don’t tell that to Alexa….

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We have many fence posts and the only time they sing is when the wind blows upward of 30 mph.

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Between you and me and the gatepost—they may or may not hear, but they don’t speak so are safe with secrets.

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