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Where do you fall on the political compass?

Asked by SergeantQueen (11751points) January 18th, 2020

This question has been asked before.
The most recent that I found was in 2017, almost exactly 3 years ago. I am wondering if any of you guys have changed since then.

In January of 2017, My results where as follows:
Economic Left/Right: -0.5
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -0.77

In January of 2020, my results are here:
Economic Left/Right: -3.75
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -2.41

Here is a visual of where I am January 2020

Here is a visual of where I was January 2017

here is the test.

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I find it SUPER interesting because I always thought I was more conservative. I choose not to identify with a specific party like I used to because I am so back and forth on things.
I am very liberal on social issues, but republican on a lot of other issues. This test was very interesting but isn’t a perfect read on what I really am. I just thought it was cool to see how it’s changed.

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Here are my results

Economic Left/Right: -9.88
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -9.59

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Economic Left/Right: -6.0
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -7.9

To be totally honest, I can’t value/‘read’ the numbers.
I guess I’ll be better able to once a Jelly that’s supposedly right wing will join and puts its numbers down.

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Economic Left/Right: -2.88
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -8.26

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This quiz Which is a lot more in depth and not all about social issues says that I am:
74% Peace and freedom (??)
71% Republican
71% Libertarian
68% Democratic
66% Green
61% Constitution (???)
57% Socialist
I apparently align with Michael Bloomberg (78%) The most.
69% align with Trump for me.

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The Peace and Freedom party Is a left wing political party that’s ideology is eco-socialism, feminism, and Socialism
The Constitution party(United_States) sounds like conservatism.

So maybe I’m not as conservative as I thought. Hmm

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Economic Left/Right: -2.0
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -3.13

About what I expected. Left leaning, but closer to the center than many. I’ve taken this test before and find it pretty limited, but is what it is. (Strong views on LGBT and art; everything else I’m kinda “eh” on).

On the second quiz, I got:

78% Peace and Freedom
75% Green
72% Democratic
70% Libertarian
69% Socialist
54% Republican
50% Constitution

Not surprised to see the high Green percentage. I’m surprisingly radical when it comes to the environment.

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65% Green
63% Democratic
60% Peace and Freedom
51% Socialist
50% Libertarian
30% Women’s Equality
26% Republican
??? Constitution

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Drum roll please…....
economic left/right = -0.63
Social libertarian/authoritarian = -3.64

And you all thought I was far right!

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I had you right.

So, do I take it there can’t be plus numbers as an outcome?

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Yup. And it would be pretty much what you expect. Ultra authoritarian would be large + number, Massively pro-business would be a large + number. 0, 0 is dead center

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Thanks for the explanation.

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On @Sargeants I’m 83% GOP. Surprise.

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@SergeantQueen I agree with you about the social questions. They bug me on that quiz. I took it twice and I’m centrist libertarian. I’ll try yours.

Okay, it pretty much tells me that I’m confused.
76 % P&F
75% Dem
68% Green
63% Libertarian
63% Socialist
61% Republican

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For the second quiz:

96% Green
96% Socialist
92% Peace and Freedom
92% Democratic
22% Libertarian
5% Constitution
2% Republican

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Economic left/right =-5.75
Social libertarian Authoritarian = -5.23

Whatever the Hell that means…

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Chaotic good

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I wouldn’t use this test as a gauge of your political map.

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^^I’m not.

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Second Quiz:
Democratic: 95
Socialist: 94
Green: 93
Peace and Freedom: 91
Libertarian: 16
Constitution: 4
Republican: 3

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The Political Compass, like all of these things, has many problems. But it is not completely useless. It’s primary utility seems to be to try to explain the that political ideology and positions don’t easily fit on a single axis. It allows us to talk in economic terms of left/right without discussing other so-called “social” issues and rights.

Its analysis of where US candidates fall in the grid is also helpful in understanding that there is the two corporate parties are right/authoritarian, despite the fact that they are sold as being “left” and “right”.

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I am aware and I linked another one. All of them aren’t 100% accurate and don’t mean you are what it says. Chill out. I posted it for fun and linked another, more in depth one.
Neither are 100% accurate. Just for fun.

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Oh, I’m chill. Just not a fan of this test.

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Good. I’m chill too.
I don’t like the test all that much either. that’s why I found others. I re-took it after 3 years and saw how weirdly worded the questions are and how they are already biased. The article explained perfectly.
It’s like the Meyer-Briggs test. Totally fake but still fun to take.

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Not only were the questions worded oddly, they were too black and white.

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Exactly. Even on the second quiz.
“Should convicted criminals have the right to vote?” Seemed too broad and weird. I had to click “learn more” because its like, convicted of what? Yeah, it can be assumed felons, which they already cannot vote. But “convicted criminals” could mean anything.

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Well. Like you said, it was just for kicks…
It was interesting to see what certain people consider political questions…

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93% Green
91% Peace and Freedom

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