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Who is your second favorite person?

Asked by lucillelucillelucille (34325points) January 19th, 2020

Who’s number two?

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Jeez, between the wife & my two kids I can’t even pick a #1
You’re not going to make me either :p

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@ucme,-So there is a tie for number two then??

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My husband, I suppose. Mother’s first.

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@lucillelucillelucille Make that a three way tie at the top!

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Why does everything always have to be about you?


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My wife and daughter are tied for first.

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I think it’s a mistake to try to rank favorite people.

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I can only guess people I know personally. I don’t even have a #1 so there is no #2.

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It really depends on if it’s “do-stuff-around-the-house time” or “NSFW time.”

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List of my favorite people:

1. me
2. myself
3. I
4. yours truly
5. others


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My husband.

I know that’s a bad thing to write, perhaps even to think, but it’s a simple truth. My brother and I have been best friends since 1965, when he was born. Lil’ Bro and I are so sympatico, it’s almost as if we can read each others’ minds.

My marriage is happy, I love my husband with my whole heart and being, and I can’t imagine having another romantic relationship. Yet, nothing can come close to what began 55 years ago.

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@Jonsblond Santa IS my favorite person. For me, the Easter Bunny is #2

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^ high five!

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