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What was your favorite game as a child?

Asked by lucillelucillelucille (34325points) January 22nd, 2020

Do you still play it?

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Indoor or outdoor?

Indoor: checkers and also Hearts (card game)

Outdoor: hide and go seek, kick the can, and touch football

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@elbanditoroso- I liked kick the can too. Indoor was kick my ass,usually with my sister as the victor. XD

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Hide and seek. I have always been little, it was a good way to get away from my mean sisters.

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I always liked hide and seek too.
The best game of hide and seek was when I was around 13 years old.
We were with, maybe, 10 to 15 that played that day.
I still haven’t been found.

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@rebbel – Lol! Are you under the couch cushions?

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Exploring the outdoors, still do, except its Photographing and hiking.

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I loved games including animals. I remember being monkeys and horses with my sister – we had rubber bands that would create a “clip-clop” sound attached to our feet for authenticity, and we built elaborate obstacle courses in the backyard.

I had way too many stuffed animals and would often play “shelter” with those. On weekends, we would set up camp in our bright yellow play tent and find 13 lost dogs, one after the other, each with its own backstory.

With my best friends, we played “Dracula” – again, with animals. It involved three wild pets (dragon, wolf, and lion), and me being Dracula. I had a cloak and the highlight of the game was me “forgetting” to wear it. Everyone knows that without their cloak, vampires are naked. Hilarity all around.

We also pretended to be robbers. We had our own theme song and would sometimes kidnap my toddler sister or try to (humanely) trap one of the cats.

When I got a little older, I switched to playing with rubber animals. I had lots of little cousins and a much younger sister though, so there would still be role-playing games at times. I remember being the harried mum of 9 young “monsters”.

I don’t play many pretend games anymore, but I still have fun playing chase games. There are usually water guns involved. And I do still “talk” for the dogs an embarrassingly high amount of the time as soon as I’m with my sisters. They’re so immature.

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Kiss, cuddle or torture.
This was a game where boys would chase girls or vice versa & ask which of the three they would prefer.

A torture would usually involve tickling, I ran fast when it came to catching girls I fancied but very slow when being chased…funny dat!

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@longgone – All of that sounds fun :)

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@ucme how many of your ‘victims’ ultimately became #MeToo supporters?

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One? I love games. Had lots of favorites.

I guess I’d say The Fantasy Trip. Yep, still play it.

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Outside- kickball.

Inside – Mille Borne.

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@elbanditoroso None!
We were all just innocent kids see, so put that in your hash pipe & suck it up :D

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@lucillelucillelucille Where’s my lurve you cheeky mare?

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Chinese Checkers. No one even wanted to play against me.

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@Sagacious- I liked that one too. Good luck playing that with a cat in the

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Poker, seven cards. My family played cards every Saturday night for years and since my folks were out clubbing, I’d hang with my grandparents, aunts, and uncles while they played poker.

I’d fetch them drinks, give neck rubs, and they’d occasionally deal me in for a few hands. I was pretty good at it.

My grandfather, the actual gambling addict of the bunch, always had a cigar lit and got far too mad when he lost.

To this day, I love the smell of cigar smoke.

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Playing make-believe fantasy world outside or playing school. I used to love to do these.

In a way, I still do, as they’ve evolved into my conworlding/conlanging hobby (creating your own language and an accompanying world) and teaching.

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My mom belonged to a ladies lodge. When they had their meetings, the husband’s would drive them there, and wait in the anterior playing cribbage. It was a very old lodge hall, picture Little House On The Prairie. It was second story over an old shop, with a rear door, and lots of creaky wood stairs.
There were weird chairs unlike any I have seen anywhere else. They were wrought iron frame, three or four connected together. The seats and backs were wood, and the seats stayed folded up like theater seats. Those seats were wood, the floors were wood, there was an antique kitchen and the cabinets were wood. Nothing was painted. It smelled of wood and polish, and cigars the men always smoked while playing cards. The sink in the kitchen was so old, to get water you had to pump a handle, and to get hot water it had to be heated on a stove that had to be started with a match.
The meetings were secret, no men, no kids. We would mess around in the kitchen mostly, but I preferred to be where the men were. Pipes, cigars, unfiltered cigarettes. The deep voices echoed down the stairwell and back; “fifteen two, fifteen four, fifteen six, and the pair makes eight.” “Muggins” “Aw hell, where?”
After the meeting there was treats. The ladies would bring cakes and pies, a bribe I suppose, so their husbands would be okay with bringing them, and waiting. I begged my dad many times to teach me cribbage. When he finally did, it felt like a rite of passage. Eventually it was. Dad said I could disagree with him about things when I could win against him in a game of cribbage. When I finally did, ohh boy!
I taught my daughter, and she kicks my ass.
I haven’t had anyone to play against in quite some time.
I will always carry with me the smell of wood, polish, and tobacco smoke, and my dad’s laughter echoing loudly when he played out an excellent hand.
For me it was/is more than a game. It was a life experience.

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I like Card Games. As I have grown up, I start playing Rummy Game.

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@Demosthenes -Like a modern day Tolkien. :)
@Patty melt-Sounds nice. :)

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No it sounds awful, the smoke, and the ancient plumbing, but the smells were unique to that one place, and the atmosphere of it, but to a kid, it was adventure. It was like having secret visits to a pirate ship.

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I liked cards a lot. Played a lot of Rummy 500.


I haven’t played any of those for a while, but I have played then as an adult. Most recently would be scrabble or word scraper online.

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games in the swimming pool! Sharks and minnows. We also played one where you tried to get to different corners of the pool without the person who was “it” tagging you. I can’t remember if that game had a name though. Anyone know what that is?

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