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Is Goop a joke, or is it just a joke?

Asked by rebbel (31235points) January 25th, 2020

Is Gwyneth Paltrow making a massive practical joke (by deliberately making a ridiculous webshop and TV program that sells absurd lifestyle products for astronomical prices), or is she running a webshop and TV program (that sells absurd lifestyle products for astronomical prices) which is so ridiculous that it almost becomes funny?

The scented candles…

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I would love for it to turn out to be a massive performance piece intended as satire — but it’s more likely she’s dead serious.

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I love that both you guys know what goop is!

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Like @cookieman, I would like to think that it is a huge publicity/performance piece.
And, like @chyna, I am chuckling that you guys know what it is, but I am a little horrified that it is so ubiquitous!

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I think she’s serious, and there is a small, wealthy, and gullible population that buys into this.

Look, men buy stupid stuff like testosterone and take steroids – why shouldn’t women be just as stupid?

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People are morons. They’ll buy anything….

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I wonder how well that stuff sells?
$164 for a red lipstick that one can find anywhere. Lol

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I don’t know guys, I just received my this smells like my vagina candle, and I’m lovin’ it!
$75 well spent!!!

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@SergeantQueen -I wouldn’t have believed it had you not posted that link. LOL

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@SergeantQueen LOL. And does it? I’ve read about it. Martha Stewart said there must be a lot of horny guys in America.

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@janbb I didn’t actually buy it, I was being sarcastic. I don’t even want to know what it smells like

Overpriced- for sure. I spend $30 max on candles, and those are the nice, tall ones. That size would be worth like $15

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IMHO, the product it a joke, but she’s dead serious about making money anyway she can!!! PT Barnum said There’s a fool born every minute. The Bible says A fool & his money are soon parted. There are many a fool buying her products just because they like her & want to support her. She has absolutely NO reason to stop…she can’t make it as an actress & she doesn’t want to give up her lifestyle!!!

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@SergeantQueen I figured that. Was just playing along.

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To be fair, “geranium, citrusy bergamot, and cedar absolutes juxtaposed with Damask rose and ambrette seed ” at least sounds like a nicely smelling candle.
Not like she is selling her bath water.

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It’s a joke that sells. Once that bank account starts showing real money, Paltrow experiences what Dave Chappell feels when he sees all that moolah in his bank account as shown to him by his rather expensive CPA.

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WHY the hell would I spend $75 for a candle that smells like my vagina when I can stick my finger in it & smell it for FREE??? This fool ain’t that big of a fool!!!

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^^Paltrow knows how to sell to the rich one percent with filthy minds?

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@LadyMarissa It’s Gwyneth Paltrow’s vagina, not yours. She’s a C E L E B R I T Y.
Who wouldn’t want a sniff of rich coochie?

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Dang it. I revisit the film Shakespeare in Love once every two years and now it’s tainted by images of smelly pussy.

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Goop is not new. It’s only now coming to popular mainstream but it’s been around for at least a few years. I saw on some show she said she is not going to act any more, she is going to do the Goop thing as her income source. There are classes, trips, all kinds of Goop things to suck money out of people. Hey, if she came up with this idea and there’s a segment of the population that pays for it, then more power to her.

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To my mind it is both astonishing and troubling that a sustainable business can actually be built and maintained around such nonsense. It would be fascinating to hear Paltrow’s explanation on how she came to front anything so embarrassingly demeaning. The usual temptation when tripping over celebrity foolishness stories is to assume the reliable pretty face/empty head stereotypical to the industry. I now have visions of the woman’s social life as an endless nightmare of fending off snotty airhead insinuations at glamour events. It must be troublesome business for her and her handlers.

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@SergeantQueen Hell, even less of a reason to buy it…I don’t care what hers smells like…even IF she offered to let me smell it for FREE!!!

IF Harvey Weinstein had done this, people would be outraged!!!

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@LadyMarissa What do you mean? The vagina candle? Well yeah, any man doing a vagina scent would be weird. If Harvey did a candle that smelled like his dick it’d be the same story as the vagina candle. No outrage

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When you remember that over 63 million people voted for Trump, you must realize it must be true.

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Is the vagina candle, made with real vagina? ~

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A vagina candle should be named after one of our own.
Laydeez & genul’men, I give you…Pussy Melt

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To me, Goop is just a celebrity exploiting the fact that she’s a celebrity to take a big slice of the wellness market. Her products and prices don’t differ wildly from the kind of bs that’s been out there forever, Goop just does the whole lifestyle blog brand thing, complete with a Celebutante to give it some perverted kind of “legitimacy.” Goop’s innovation is to play into the ridiculousness of it all, correctly reading that you can easily manufacture drama, which increases visibility, and boosts sales. Even if some products only exist as ironic novelty items, they still trigger sensible people who look at it and say “You see?! I told you this whole way of thinking was full of shit!” (Tweet, blog, blog, tweet, facebook rant)

Unfortunately, in these times of distrust of each other, most of us cling to our identity groups, and are not so easily persuaded to give them up. Thus any publicity is good, because a certain segment of the population only needs to hear the words to open their wallets, and everyone else, well I just they just aren’t worth you letting them demanifest your true self’s best life.

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