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Moderate Democrats: who do you think is the most electable in a general election contest vs. Trump?

Asked by gorillapaws (27507points) February 3rd, 2020

Moderate Democrats, I’m interested in hearing your thoughts on who your first choice is for the Primary.

We all know how critical the Rust Belt is to winning the general election against Trump. How do you think your candidate will do in Ohio, Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Iowa—all states that Trump won? Why is your candidate of choice going to do better than Clinton in these states despite the potential similarities in policy/platform? What are the odds you give your candidate vs. Trump in a general election?

If you’re not a moderate Democrat, I would request that you don’t interject any opinions, but it is acceptable to politely seek clarification or more details from those choosing to respond.

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I have occasionally been a moderate Democrat
Sorry to say but…
I am not sure that a large constituency believes that there are any moderates who are moving the Democrat agenda.
Good luck!

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I live in a swing state and all of the “moderate Democrats” I know want Sanders.

Will he win? I’m skeptical. But, being where I’m from I understand how Trump was elected the first time (and it’s not because everyone is stupid or racist) and why Clinton lost. But, I believe Sanders has a better chance in swing states for that reason. When you clearly and regularly see both echo chambers it’s compelling to step outside of that.

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Mayor Pete.

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@kritiper Would you consider voting for Pete over Trump?

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If Pete was the candidate, of course. Anybody (any Democrat) is better than Trump.

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I think Senator Sanders has a good chance against Trump.

In the 2016 election two candidates who promised to shake things up in Washington got people the most excited, Trump and Sanders. (Sadly, it was not clear at the time that Trump meant to break everything.)
When the DNC, Clinton & Wasserman-Shultz faction, steamrollered the nominations to stuff Clinton on to the ticket, the people who were excited about Sanders did one of three things:
– voted for “least worst” Clinton.
– voted for Trump because he’s the one left who would shake things up.
– stayed home
I think it’s fair to say most of the people who voted for Clinton would vote for Sanders over Trump. The Sanders supporters who voted for Trump to shake things up will be delighted to have the chance for a constructive shakeup. The Sanders supporters who stayed home will come out for Sanders if he is the Dem on the ballot.

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What exactly is a “moderate” democrat.
Is it someone who is actually in the middle of the spectrum relative to the entirety of the Democratic party?
Or is it someone so right wing, he might as well switch parties?
Because it always sounds like it is the latter.

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This question should be directed to those Republicans who are disgusted with Trump’s actions and behaviors.
He was supposed to drain the swamp not pour sewage into it.

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@ragingloli “What exactly is a “moderate” democrat”

Think of a neoliberal who doesn’t want to shoot brown people on the border but is perfectly willing to keep the campaign donations from lobbyists for firms that outsource their jobs, increase their housing costs, make their healthcare unaffordable, screw them on their payday loan interest rates, and ensure they can’t declare bankruptcy when they get buried in a perpetual cycle of debt.

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The tricky part of this question is that it imagines that the candidate has already ammased enough democratic support to win the nomination. If that were the case, I think Pete would absolutely crush it. Sometimes it feels like most Democrats just have a problem with his age, race and sexuality.

Klobuchar, again, assuming she got to nom.

Warren close behind, though not without reservations.

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