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Did Trump collude with Russia to mess up the Iowa Caucus results?

Asked by Yellowdog (12183points) February 4th, 2020

The Iowa Caucus results are still unavailable, at only 62 percent with all four main contenders saying they won. Evidently there was some coding irregularity that probably never will be resolved without dispute. Yet Trump himself was very successful in Iowa at the last rally. So, I was wondering, is it possible that Trump pulled off another deal with Putin? Or that some will at least be making this claim?

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You tell us. You seem to know everything trump says, thinks and means.

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They have a “Whoopsie” in the programming. However the have a paper trail for all that took place yesterday.

Yes the “Whoopsie” could have been intended BUT . . . !

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In a question about the Republicans running against Trump you replied.

Those guys could be the actors who played the Three Stooges or won the Superbowl as far as I know,

You seem pretty proud to be ignorant.. Not sure why I would consider your opinion on this.

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Serious issues with the app is being reported. Other states are refusing to use it.

If I were a conspiracy theorist, I’d say the app has ties to the Clintons. Enough said.

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Much ado about nothing. The media is sensationalizing as usual for Americans who can’t seem to get enough political excitement. Iowa Democrats are so giddy to kick out fake president impeached trumputin out of the WH! Good for them.

A winner will be announced and then on to the next news cycle.

This time, no Russian and trump collusion can stop the Dems in November. Turd in the WH fluuuushed!

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@KNOWITALL You are sometimes a conspiracy theorist ! Not true about ties to Clintons.

Maybe Donnie Jr and Eric??

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@Tropical Willie I did read that in two different places today but I was just joking around really.

And remember the saying, it’s only a theory if it is NOT true. Haha!

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I don’t suppose we’ll ever know.

But. My instincts tell me, there was something there.

It doesn’t matter. I don’t vote, anyway…

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What other explanation Is there?

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Democrat leaders don’t need help to mess things up. They’ve done a great job of screwing themselves with the impeachment charade.

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Why would he?

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Would anyone care?

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The delay is not due to a problem. The delay is the result of trying a new practice, then comparing with the paper results, to determine whether is is trustworthy. They are just busy dotting i’s.

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It was not a charade @gondwanalon. It broke somewhere.

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But seriously why is Perez still the head of the DNC?

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@Dutchess_lll We all knew exactly how it would end months ago. Many Dems here said that in previous threads.
That’s why many of us would have appreciated skipping the nonsense.

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Well. Trump will forever wear, the scarlet letter of impeachment. The Democrats wasted money, because the Republicans are clearly corrupt.
No witnesses, or documents allowed? Really? ...

The trial exposed Trump, and the GOP, to history. That’s about all that was accomplished. A moral victory…

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That is the legacy of this. It requires no skill or genius to witness the Trump saga then guess which faction is on the wrong side of history.

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@MrGrimm888 You even said it was a waste of time, Grimmy. And you were right. The ‘scarlet letter’ is a badge of honor to his voters, as we all know. The polls confirm that.

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^I think that I have an understanding of Trumpers…
I could be wrong.
However, the country, is clearly divided, and corruption reigns, in DC.
You have to admit, the difference between the Clinton impeachment, and Trump’s.

A lie, over a blowjob, and extortion, and obstruction of justice? I see no comparison.

Maybe, that’s just me…

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@MrGrimm888 There’s no proof Trump did anything wrong, Bill straight up lied under oath.
To me there’s a difference.

And asking Reps to supply ‘evidence’ is like you asking the DA to provide the one piece of evidence that will exonerate you. If they have it, they aren’t handing it over. Life doesn’t work that way.

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@KNOWITALL You are living on Trump’s lies. SMH

“I’ve also made an ironclad pledge to American families, we will always protect patients with preexisting conditions.” Trump 2020 SOTU

Reality is ! :

“Ensuring that people who have preexisting conditions can access health insurance is an extremely popular provision of the Affordable Care Act. Since the Trump administration is arguing in federal court that the ACA should be struck down as unconstitutional, Trump has taken pains recently to reassure people that this particular part of the law would be preserved. But he has not offered details on how he would protect that measure. His administration has not come out with a health plan that would replace the ACA if it were struck down.
Selena Simmons-Duffin
NPR Health Policy Reporter

There many more “Liar liar pants on fire” moments last night.

17,000 lies since he took office, the fact that he is supporting your viewpoint may only last until next lie.

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@Tropical_Willie Maybe get off of him for five minutes so he CAN fix it.

Just let him do his job for the rest of his term and no more Dem shenanigans please.

You can’t have it both ways, Tropical.

Just like spending millions on all these trials and impeachments, etc….don’t blame him for all that unnecessary spending, that was YOUR team.

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So the 17,000 lies by a President okay cause he’s Trump.

No integrity

No conscience

Does not believe laws should apply to him. Stuff the Supreme Court so if he gets in a jam he can call in a favor,

“Quid Pro quo”

I would NOT leave him alone with my 10 year old grand daughter.

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^^Ssshhh…they want to excuse him for all his crap. He’s in the WH aka Whitey Hated.

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@Tropical_Willie And you aren’t biased at all and have personally verified all 17k lies?

@mazingerz88 Keep playing the tired old race card while people of all races and color’s form support groups for Trump. That’s funny.

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Why bother document his lies, (CNN and other Press/media have)?

You just smile and nod your head, when he blows smoke up your ass. You must smile a lot !

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Look who is biased. Check the mirror.

The guy has no integrity

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@Tropical_Willie @mazinger

You still insist he’s a racist though?!

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@KNOWITALL An op-ed from a Trump apologist !

W T F !

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Most of the changes under the Trump administration have benefited African Americans, Hispanics, the disabled, and women, not to mention the overwhelming growth in jobs and wages has been with blue collar workers. It seems odd that anyone would still be touting the racist charge, considering that Donald Trump’s policies have provided real help, in the real world, in real time.

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@Yellowdog Sources PLEEZE !!!

Or are you quoting the GOP Line ( G ood O ld P utin) ???

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@KNOWITALL . I am a former LEO. I’ve been to court, way more than I wanted to be…
I’m not an expert on law.

But. No witnesses, and no documentation?
That’s BS. Even Bolton, claims that he has an understanding of what happened…

His testimony alone, may have made a difference.

The bottom line is that innocent people, don’t worry about testimony, or facts..

There was clearly, a cover up.
And, the jury, was rigged…

You are an intelligent person. What exactly, do you not see as wrong doing?

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Where is Donald Trump’s wristband?
I bet he is wondering the same.
Here’s a funny thing, those who are calling POTUS racist, loudest, are white male Democrats.
Very interesting!

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That’s because people of color, are used to being victimized.

Slavery, in America, wouldn’t have stopped without white people, understanding it was wrong…

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@MrGrimm888 The Democrats simply wanted the Senate to allow witnesses and testimony so they could come at him from all angles over anything and everything, for another year and prevent his legal election again in 2020.

You are assuming that the witnesses and documents would have shown he is guilty. I do not assume that. And even if I did assume that for the sake of arguement, when Democrats did it, it was fine so why should they give Dems any ammunition, even twisted?

Let me put it this way, if you had powerful enemies coming after you for three plus years over anything and everything-all proved false, would you voluntarily hand them anything? No, because you aren’t stupid. No one hands their enemies a weapon to use against them, willingly.

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John Bolton’s interview on Radio Free Europe sounds more like what Donald Trump has been saying about the call all along. It was cordial and professional and was not a quid pro quo. He changed his testimony later, which looks very suspect.

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Does that sound like Bolton to you? But never mind. The courts will rule on whether Bolton snd dozens of others can be compelled to honor Congressional subpoenas. Just in time for the next impeachment.

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Yes, the clip is available online and has been shown regularly on several of the FOX news shows. who have gotten a lot of mileage out of it.

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@Yellowdog FOX snooze is not a source, they make up more shit than TRUMP !

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So they used CGI?

Fox news has always gotten it right. Even about Mueller.

The New York Times has been awarded prizes for stories and sources that have turned out to be pure fiction.

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Yeah, that’s the ticket! Everyone covets a FOX award. Particularly those prone to regard fortune cookies and ouija boards as credible journalism.

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They (Fox Confuses) have the integrity of the mafia!

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If the mafia were allowed to exploit “the freedom of the press. Fox is first and foremost the propaganda mouthpiece for what passes as the conservative movement in the country. That is its primary function with particular emphasis on appeal to the great unwashed, meaning the functionally illiterate, and their brethren, the intellectually barren. It’s the sort of operation that legitimate news outlets snicker at with the disdain one might regard eight year olds in high heels and makeup.

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