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what's your favorite sushi roll?

Asked by Hawaiiguy (316points) July 31st, 2007 from iPhone

mine is the frank black at tsunami sushi

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mine is New Orleans crawfish roll

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sounds good, I miss great Cajun food. What's in the roll?

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crawfish advocado and theouter roll of rice is rolled in roe

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inside out california

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If I'm feeling spunky, a Firecracker roll. If I want to keep it simple, spicy tuna.

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frank black is tuna yellowtail asparagus crabstick Thai chili inside and blackened eel with spicy sauce on top

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not to be boring, but mmmmm avocado. with carrot, cucumber, etc.
i like veggie california rolls the best. lots of ginger and a little soy sauce.

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If you happen to be in Sacramento area (Downtown, Elk Grove, or Roseville) Mikuyki's have the best fresh and creative sushi I've had. They have Fair Oaks Roll. (I remember avocado is in it) Recently, we heard they will open a restaurant in Las Vegas.

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spicy tuna

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ebi tempura roll. shripmt tempura disguised in a sushi can't beat that.

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um, not shripmt, shrimp

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unagi and cucumber all the way

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New Orleans JAZZ Roll

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it's very nice that there is a sushi roll called the frank black. i'm glad to know that. it's also strange. the sushi chefs are pixies fans?

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spider roll with tempura crab in the middle!

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I’ve got to add the New Mexico green chile roll. A sublime fusion you will be hard pressed to find anywhere else.

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Tuna nigiri, but it has to be fresh!

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