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How do you pronounce these Steely Dan related names?

Asked by rebbel (30950points) 2 weeks ago


Kid Charlemagne


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“Hey You!” :)

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US: Char le main. The pornounciation I usually use is the semi-French one: Char le monya.

Bodee sotva

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Aja = Asia
Charlemagne = Shar-la-main
Bodhisattva = Bode-ee-sot-va

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Aja sounds like Asia but with the “j” sound replacing the “s” sound of Asia
You can listen toit here.

Charlemagne is “char-la-main”
You can listen to it here.

Bodhisattva I’m not sure but in the video, it sounds like “bod-his-sat-va” with the “sat” & the “va“sounding like a short “a”
You can listen to it here

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Thanks, guys!
We’re all on the same page here.
I heard someone on YouTube here Aja pronounce Eyshey as in Hey Hey

That mispronunciation(?) made me think of how there’s a difference in pronouncing Charlemagne in English and French (and I was curious as to how you would say it (that is, if you would read it)).

Bodhisattva just looked like a tongue twister :-)

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No idea about the third one.

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