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IPod help..again?

Asked by glitterrrrfish (222points) August 31st, 2008 from iPhone

I have around 400 songs on my iPhones iPod and my laptop that had all those songs on it crashed so everything got deleted. if I dowload iTunes and plug in my iPhone, will all my songs on my iPhone be automatically erased? If so can I get my songs back onto my laptop?

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There are lots of programs that let you rip songs off your ipod. Ill find a link to what I used in a second

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Okay well I cant really find what I used but this seems nice. Try it. I think you have to pay for it but the first times free. The user interface is pretty too.

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Or you can search “copy ipod” or “rip ipod” in Google

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Thanks! When you did yours, did it also bring along the lyrics and cd covers and all that extra stuff of just the songs?

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Well I didn’t have lyrics but yes it did bring the album covers and even videos. Im pretty sure the site was from the UK and if you didnt buy it all it would do it have pop ups every 50 songs ripped off the iPod which isn’t very annoying. Its practically free. Ill try and find it again

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senuti is the best ipodripper

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