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How much weight did you gain over this winter?

Asked by KNOWITALL (23002points) 1 week ago

I weighed myself today because my annual is coming up and I wanted to make sure I was on target. It was thrilling to see my winter weight gain was about 15 lbs less than normal.

How much do you usually gain through the winter months?

If you don’t, are you working out indoors or what are your tricks?

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I lost about 7 pounds last Fall post surgery and have gained about 5 back this winter. I do walk through the winter although not as much as in the nice weather and I do water aerobics a few times a week. Hoping to get that extra 5 back down come Spring…...

I would imagine my winter weight is generally about 5 pounds heavier but that makes a big difference in a short person like me.

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I am not in possession of a functional mass measurement device.

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I’ve not weighed in this year yet, but I know I’m good.
Increased my running from 30 to 40 miles a week since turn of year.

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@janbb Water aerobics, huh? I’ve never considered that, may be worth checking out. When it’s this cold out, hot yoga or really sweating keeps me warm so I’ve never really considered water sports. Hmmmm….good suggestion.

@ucme Wow, 40 miles a week?! Even on a good week last fall, I was only doing about 2–3 a day. You’re kicking my butt! How do you find the time? After work or before?

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@KNOWITALL Bit of both, I typically go out really early in the morning & then again early evening time.
Beauty of being my own boss, I get to choose when It’s me time!

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Well, I gained 20 after I quit smoking almost 2 years ago, and it’s been a serious battle. I’ve lost 10 over this winter so that’s good.

Can’t wait for dinner! I’m thawing out a chicken breast and Imma cut a slit in it to make a pocket, then Imma put some Swiss cheese in it and them Imma bake it, then Imma EAT it! I’m starving!

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@Dutchess_III haha, good job, but you sound hungry!

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I’ve lost 12 pounds in the past 6 weeks – but only due to depression, not healthy habits.

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@KNOWITALL, I’ve actually managed to literally eat only one meal a day. That chicken and Swiss cheese will be it for today.
It’s crazy how little food I need.

@hmmmmmm…I’m sorry. PM me if you need someone to talk to.

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I am good right now but there is a box of chocolates on the counter that I am trying to avoid.XD
I have gained over the winter in the past but have been keeping an eye on that for awhile now.
It’s easier that way.
I work out daily ,usually indoors but sometimes outside.

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Throw a towel over it! Put it in a cabinet! Just get it out of sight!

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Bite your tongue!! My weight held steady over the winter and am now dropping about 1 lb. per week. (13 more to go!)

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I bought a exercise bike about a month ago. It was a cheap one (100) but works nicely. And it has a spot for my iPad. So I just peddle away and watch shows about murder.. I am a huge ID junkie.

But I saw the oncologist yesterday and he was happy I was getting exercise. But concerned that I had lost four pounds in the last three weeks.

So I need to work on eating more.

It is funny how my problems are not like yours. But I am not calling you lazy bags of shit that need to learn some self control and put the butter away.

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@johnpowell Got your taste buds back?

Yeah, I’m cold and lazy in winter, I admit it!

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Taste buds are working for cheese and cheese. I mostly eat cheese. And even then it is like 50% of what it was. Which is fine.

The real killer is any sweets still taste like crap. I have given up on eating ice cream or candy or soda or juice. I feel slightly bad since I haven’t been honest with my sister. She made me a cheesecake from scratch for my b-day and I grabbed a slice, and tossed it in the garbage when she wasn’t looking. Sugar tastes like metal.

The fucking irony.. Don’t eat sweets, they will give you cavities. Get all my teeth pulled because of radiation. And then radiation makes it where sweets are intolerable. When I no longer have teeth to destroy.

The good news is my odds of getting type 2 diabetes have plummeted. And I haven’t eaten butter in over a year. When I make hash browns I use olive oil. A lot of olive oil.

But I get a lot of blood taken out every three weeks and they test the shit out of everything. My blood is top notch.

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When I started my current job (last April) I lost 30 pounds in about 40 days. I reached the weight that medical science says I am supposed to be at and haven’t gained (or lost) a pound since.

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I lost 15 lbs. Working in food service did the opposite of what I expected.

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@johnpowell Maybe protein shakes for awhile would help?
That sucks about the radiation, sugar and teeth. My liittle mama’s teeth are going bad from it and the cancer pills, too. I feel for you.

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I gained back 7 pounds just before winter kicked in. I had kept off those 6–7 pounds for 6 months, I don’t really know why they suddenly came back. It is harder to lose in the winter though.

My advice is turn up the heat in your house if you are cold. Cold makes us eat, and especially want warm heavy food.

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YAY! I’m down another pound.

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