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Are you herbivore, carnivore, or omnivore?

Asked by Patty_Melt (14898points) 1 week ago

I am an omni – leaning – carnivore.
How about you?
Are you fleshaphobic?
If you are a carnivore, do you hunt prey, or scavenge the already dead?
If you are an herbivore, do you ever feel guilty for killing and eating plants which obviously can’t run away?
My first child would not eat green beans, because they all have babies inside.

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I will eat whatever has a net worth greater than mine. Hello Martin Shkreli, I hope you like well-done and covered in ketchup.

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Omni, but I wish I was a herbivore.

I don’t hunt, I just buy the meat I eat in the supermarket, or a meal at a restaurant.

I feel badly for the animals, and I think eating animal shortens my life.

If I think about it enough, I feel badly for the plants that are killed when we eat the plants. LOL. You can drive yourself crazy.

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Omnivore, herbivore leaning.

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I’ve been here before!
deja vu

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I’m a mouse. I eat anything that feel good to me :)

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i’m an omnivore leaning towards carnivore.

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I am a coprovore.

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Omnivore, eating less quantity of meat.

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I’m a vegetarian that eats dairy and eggs. So Omnivore confuses me. I don’t JUST eat plants.

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I don’t hunt. I mostly scavenge in the refrigerator.
I don’t feel guilty about veggies.
There is no Greek salad that can outrun me.

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@ragingloli You nasty.

I’m an omnivore. I like meat, but I don’t need every dish to have meat. I like a lot of vegetarian and vegan food.

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@Dutchess_lll : Do you ever eat salad, fruit or veggies? I never read anything you write about that. I read that you eat egg Mcmuffins, chicken nuggets, chicken and stuff like that

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I am a garden variety vegetarian, mostly for ethical reasons, but the health benefits are, indeed, a benefit.

I try to live by the philosophy of trying to do the least amount of harm, while not having to commit suicide to keep myself out of the equation, while still living, somewhat peacefully within a society that often looks upon me as strange.

What I mean by not committing suicide, is that obviously, if I am going to exist in our world, I have to eat, and I have to eat something, but eating plants, in my opinion, is doing a lot less harm than killing animals, which are sentient beings, like us, where plants are not. We don’t need to eat animals, so I don’t.

I also understand that I live in this world, and this society, and that most people around me do not look at things the way I do. I don’t make attempts to get other people to eat a vegetarian diet, I only offer advice to people, when they are interested to try a vegetarian diet, otherwise, I leave everybody’s dietary choices to themselves. Although there are some exceptions. I have spoken out about trophy hunting.

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I do eat salads, fruits and veggies @jca2. However since I eat so little I think it’s important to have a protein packed food at least every other day.

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Vegan diets get their protein from beans (tofu) , lentils, peanuts, almonds, quinoa, peas, oatmeal.

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I am not a vegan.

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