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Does Fluther seem to be less active today?

Asked by SQUEEKY2 (22616points) February 22nd, 2020

Seems like nobody wants to be here today, is there something going on?
I didn’t get a memo.

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@SQUEEKY2 We are all at @luckyguy’s property having a huge party! Didn’t you get the invite? We were wondering where you were.

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Maybe. I was automatically logged out of Fluther. Had to guess my username and password.
Maybe other Jellies encountered the same problem?

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@chyna Damn I must have lost my invite, thanks for letting me know.

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Saturday’s are normally pretty slow; so I hadn’t noticed any difference.

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@Lady is right. I usually work weekends and when I get a chance to Fluther I notice I haven’t missed much.

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Oh @SQUEEKY2 ! Sorry! I just found your invite. It was stuck to the ice and snow along the inside of the mailbox.
I’ll hold another party just for you. Come on over!

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Oh OK just good to know your all thinking of me.

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I think of you every time I see an 18 wheeler!

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I guess it gets to be like television: Everything has been done already. What else is there??

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Hey there is still a lot of bitching about the Don Father to be done!

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I think it is normal business as usual. To outsiders, it might be quiet but it is just a normal slow activity unlike famous website like YouTube, Facebook etc. This is what i like about Fluther, same and improved format from Quora but less controversial and easier to talk, discuss and debate.

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