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What causes tummy rumbling noises?

Asked by ezraglenn (3499points) September 1st, 2008

I know they are associated with hunger, but what actually causes the embarrassing sounds emanating from your guts?

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Good question, I’ve always wondered that actually. Probably quite simple. But maybe I will be able to find out today what the answer is. Thanks!

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it’s your stomach twisting and churning up everything it possibly can squeeze out of itself.

your stomach doesn’t sit there, no not at all, that’s why when you get a stomach cramp it really is your stomach all twisted around squishing itself, it doesn’t just sit there it squishes itself like you squish a sponge to get the water out of it, it does the same to get food out of it.

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Your digestive tract moves food along by a series of muscular contractions that force the contents of the GI tract down the passage and toward their final destination, the rectum. The contents of the GI tract are a mixture of solids, liquids, and gasses (including air that we ingest as we swallow). Whenever the muscles contract, this varied mixture is forced through small passages, making the gurgling noises (these have the poetic name “borborygmi”).

These contractions and noises happen all the time, not just when we’re hungry. But when our stomachs contain food, the noise is dampened somewhat by the mass of the food there. When it’s empty, the stomach acts like a resonating chamber for all of those gurgles, and it sounds much louder.

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Thank you Harp, you have answered a question that I have asked myself for years now :)

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wow. thank you all.

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