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Will my cell phone work with my MacBook?

Asked by swimmindude2496 (322points) September 1st, 2008

I have a Sony Ericsson w580i and I am not sure it is compatible. I checked their website and it all it siad was it is compatible with PC. So anyone???

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I used to use this back in the days of my Palm Treo and Sony Ericsson K-series phones.

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Possibly something for free and I don’t want to keep it in sync I just want to put music on the memory stick I bought for it.

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That should be drag-and-drop; you’ll need a memory stick reader for the Mac (connects via USB), then, your memory stick should mount on the desktop; provided the files are in the correct format, you should be able to drag-and-drop them into the stick’s Music folder (as I recall, the Sony Ericsson platform sets up a directory structure with a folder for each media type). I don’t recall how the playlists are organized though…you would be best off searching online for a Sony Ericsson forum to find the specifics.

Otherwise, those players are pretty decent, and if I recall support A2DP (something the iPhone 3G doesn’t do!!!) Plus their optics and camera are superior, and take video quite well…nice pick (I would have gone with a K850i myself had I not been addicted to the iPhone-guess I’m just hopelessly iPwned!! hehe).

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I had that phone. It’s not compatible with a Mac. It was so annoying. That was the phone I used when I got my iPhone repaired. I only had to use it for like 2–3 days because Apple did the fast shipping thing, but no, the phone you have won’t work with iTunes, and will really hardly work with anything. I hated that phone…. Sorry…

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The w580i will work over bluetooth with a macbook, and really all that will give you is the ability to transfer files and I think contacts(though i havent tried yet). The Sony Ericsson Software is over rated, not to mention if you got the USB cable with the phone, you can set your phone to be a USB drive for you memory card. The music player software intigrates directly into the “Music” folder on your phone and the memory card, so there is no need to really use the PC software any ways. On a unrelated side note, the phone in addition to supporting dozens of music formats (mp3, wav, wma, mp4), it can also play back 3gp video content at 30fps without even breaking a sweat, so it could even be an OK video player in a pinch. Hopes this helps.

BTW, I Love my w580i I only got it a few days a go and really cant wait for my memory card so I can put some real music on it. [I HATE 64kbps audio :( ]

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I have the K850i…bluetooth works like a charm.

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