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Have you seen or heard anything inspiring lately?

Asked by lucillelucillelucille (33286points) 1 month ago

What might that be?

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An account on Instagram, that only brings good news.
After a few days the enamel falls from your teeth, but it is quite uplifting for me (in the right dose).

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The Dodo is a channel on YouTube that has all kinds of heartwarming animal stories. It’s a great soul-soother after watching news…

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@rebbel -Lmao! They then become “teef”.
@gorillapaws – Thanks for the link. I do temper the regular news with things like that too :)
OMG the 19 year old dog! <3

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Yes, a large group of millennials visited my work for lunch. They were out canvassing for Bernie Sanders. I loved their enthusiasm and just the fact that they are being politically active. They inspired me to help with Bernie’s campaign.

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Yes. I heard a lovely song yesterday sung by a Christian artist with his four children honoring the lives unlived and voices unheard because of abortion. He is running for U.S. House of Representatives in California (Redding area I think).

Sean Feucht

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Lately what I found inspiring is the same thing that had been inspiring me all my life. The efforts of America’s Greatest Generation in WW2. For many years I’ve been waiting for a great movie adaptation of the Battle of Midway and one recently came. Not a bad one exactly but not a great one either. Inspiring nonetheless.

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A couple of friends are having success losing weight after struggling for many years. It reinspired me to get back to healthier eating, and checking my blood pressure regularly again.

Also, a friend was laid off so she decided to learn how to write code to make websites. She already was hired by two companies! I’m so excited for her. She inspired me to try my website again, she’s going to take a shot at creating it. She also inspired me to think about what new thing I can learn to make money. I might try looking at creating websites, see if I like it. She said it was hard to learn it at our old age lol. We’re 52.

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@JLeslie -Good for you!
I think you might be good at that as you seem detail oriented. :)
old age, my ass! lol

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