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When addressing someone, what is the best way to let the other side know that you do not respect them?

Asked by ragingloli (46434points) 1 month ago

– Using their last name only, without any titles
– using their full name
– using their first name only
– using a diminutive of their first name
– using a diminutive of their first name, followed by “boy”
– using an expletive in place of their name, like “asshole”

Especially when it comes to pigs, and other public officials.

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Are we trying to be diplomatic and civil when we are addressing them?
Maybe it is in our best interest to address them with respect , even if we think they are lower than pond scum.

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Can you give us some context? Do you have to speak to these people at all?
You should never feed narcissists by engaging them, it just encourages poor behavior.

With cops, all you have to do is research your legal rights as a citizen and refuse to comply, that makes them very mad here, so I hear.

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From a distance…. unless you can beat some ass. ;)

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Snap your fingers for their attention, looking away the moment they look at you, waving them to come.

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@rebbel Yes, snapping your fingers at people really works well if your goal is disrespect, good one.

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I was under the impression that the person in @ragingloli‘s OP already didn’t have respect for the other person.
That it was not so much a goal.

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If it’s that essential that they be notified, then straight out insult them.

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“You’re fired!”

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If you have gonads, then just say that you don’t respect them.

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You don’t seem to need any instruction in this area, loli. Really.

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My boss once asked me how my “little” business was working out.
No matter what subject you talk about, or open with, belittle this other person’s roll in the matter, however subtlety.

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@kritiper I agree. A wealthy, educated family member told us we had a cute starter home once. Haha!

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I’m with @snowberry.
What’s the dilemma, loli? Cat got your tongue?

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