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What are things and occurrences that mesmerize you?

Asked by mazingerz88 (28702points) July 6th, 2014

You tune out everything else, your eyes and brain are focused on just that one particular thing or event and it’s calming if not downright pleasurable.

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The sky. Particularly big, fast moving clouds, the colors at sunset. I am pulled in by the sky.

Sometimes music does this to me as well.

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A proper car on a good road.

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A fire (like a campfire or fireplace).
Water (an ocean, lake, river)
Wind blowing the trees.
Oh heck, why don’t I just say nature :p

Live musicals.
Second Life (sometimes)

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Bird watching and bird listening.

Yesterday I listened only and heard the endless warble of the house wren…dawn to after sunset…, the “birdie, birdie, birdie” of the cardinals, the whoosh of the hummingbird’s swooping, the coos of the mourning dove, the “konkaree” of the red-winged blackbird, and various cheeps of house sparrows.

I often turn my 40-minute walk into a meditative one. I watch the water as it hurtles over huge slabs of bluestone in the small creek that parallels the road, I try to ID many of the the less familiar trees and I do the same with the roadside weeds and wild flowers.

The horsechestnuts have huge flowering drupes and the blue chicory, and the wild orange day lilies are blooming together in a happy color combination. The poison ivy, in its many versions (some sneaky) is back everywhere that is not mowed. And some nasty person occasionally still dumps the nasty contents of his car ashtray out the window along with an empty beer can or two.

I wave at every car or truck that passes me (usually about 6) in the assumption that I will know many of the drivers. Almost everyone waves back, assuming that they know the woman in the sun hat and aqua sneakers plodding along who is waving at them. It’s a local country lane.

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The sea

Sound of rain

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My imaginary world.

I go there everyday, when I’m alone. It is an efficient stress-releaser.

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Anything involving nature observation. I spent about 20 minutes watching a jumping spider on the deck rail the other day hunting at the edge of a honeysuckle vine. He was watching a tiny moth and stalking it. Very cool, a reminder that we are not the end all and be all of the universe and all sorts of little dramas are being played out around us every minute.

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I have not yet read the other answers, will do so after posting.

Looking at a lake or a waterfall or a stream.

Smelling pine air and campfires.

The sound of rain. I even have rain sound recordings and I’ll put on my headphones and listen to it if I’m having trouble sleeping.

Being engrossed in a really good book. The other day I had to take my Dad to a doctor appointment. I thought he was going to be in there for awhile, so I brought along my book that I just started, This Book. So my Dad was only in there for about 10 minutes, but by then I was really getting into the story, then I felt bad that I hoped Dad would be in there for a little bit longer.

On some days, I can totally binge on Pinterest, especially when I was looking for something specific and I end up discovering something else, and then it branches off from there. Especially when I find some new artwork that I’d never seen before.

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@Kardamom Pinterest. Me too. : )

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@mazingerz88 Sometimes it’s like being addicted to crack.

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The sound of thunderstorm soothes me almost into a coma

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Bird watching.

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Breasts, firm, pert, breasts.

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people watching. I just got home from the beach and I have to say some people will wear, do and say anything. sitting on the beach, wearing a pair of sunglasses and people watching is better than TV. :)

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Eating a bowl of flan or watching the riveting TV series “Rectify.”

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Sometimes I look at things and they stop being the things that I’m looking at. The world becomes colors and shapes moving together, and it’s gorgeous and scary and totally mesmerizing.

Negative space.

Paint or ink spiraling into water.

The view out of the windows of a train.

The view looking down at a city from in an airplane at night.

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That I can’t say because it maybe too NSFW.

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I can watch the ocean or a river running for hours. I love watching fires too. Storms can keep me mesmerized too.

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@rory View looking down at a city at night from an airplane as it circles….mesmerizing for me as well.

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Just thinking about vastness of our universe .

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