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Can cats be improved? (Details inside)

Asked by rebbel (33252points) March 4th, 2020

Is there anything you would want to add to a cat to improve it?
On its physique, its psychology, its behavior.
Something else?

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Could we eliminate the dander/allergens? It would be nice to walk into a house where a cat has ever lived and not immediately know it in my sinuses.

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I’ll suggest that one to Gad.

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I’ve had cats in my life for 40 years. Can’t think of how they can be improved. They’re purrrfect.

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No, cats are perfect just like they are!!!

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As killing machines they are already unsurpassed.

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They are very impressive already. Maybe dial down the instinct to play with prey? That’s always seemed unfortunate to me.

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They don’t need much but a huge improvement would be if they’d barf up hairballs in a garbage can and then take the garbage out.
Her smile is what allows her to get away with not doing any of that.

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Uplift them to superhuman intelligence, so they can assume their position as rightful sovereign of the planet.

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Psychedelic colors might be fun. I would love to have a cat that is pink, green, and purple. It would have to be natural though. No dyes for kitty.

Nekkid kitties are described as the friendliest of all cats. They are high maintenance though. If a kitty wash could be invented which kitties could enjoy, self operate, and could also be used to clear waste, then nekkid kitties would be kitty perfection.

I am a sucker for fluffy, long hair cats, even though my allergies make life around them miserable. Maybe kitty wash station not yet invented could fix that.

I love that idea of them coughing their hairballs in the garbage. That indeed would be a great improvement. My kitty would not have to carry it out though. I have staff for that.

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