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Spore creature creator...

Asked by Mtl_zack (6759points) September 1st, 2008

i installed it (for mac) and it just shows a galaxy, with really relaxing music. if i click anywhere on the screen, it minimizes the screen. how do i start?

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uhm, i believe it was a button on the lower left, it should be pretty clear….there’s 2 buttons i believe, one for the game and one for the options…

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Are you sure that your computer meets the reqs? Spore needs a good GFX processor, and most of the older Macbooks don’t cut it, for example. The reqs are here.

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You don’t meet the requirements. I don’t either. Not on this computer. I installed it anyone on this computer and got the same thing. It’s your graphics card. It’ll look like it’s working, and then stop once you get there. The menu will never show up, just the background galaxy, and the music. Sorry!

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so does that mean that i cant play the full version of spore when it comes out? how about the iphone version?

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The full version will not work on your computer either. Sorry ‘bout the bad news.

The iPhone version is completely independent from the Mac version, however. This one will most assuredly work.

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Yeah, Spore origins for iPhone/iPod touch will work. They just simply require an iPod touch/iPhone. The iPod classic/nano version has already been released and is in the app store. There are three versions of Spore origins. One is for AT&T mobile phones, the second is for iPod nano and iPod classic (current generation), and the third is for iPod touch and iPhone. The version for iPod touch and iPhone is the only one not yet released. That version will come out on the same day as the full version of Spore.

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Spore Origins doesn’t link up to the full version of Spore in any way. But I have heard that it is a fun game nontheless, and worth picking up. I’m still considering getting Origins. I plan on getting an iMac sooner or later and playing the full version of Spore on that.

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