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Suppose Mnuchin and Trump send every American $2000 by the end of the month. What strings would be attached?

Asked by elbanditoroso (27794points) 2 weeks ago

I’ve heard several different amounts – $1000, $2000, $4500 for every American.


Lots of questions:

- would this be taxable income in 2021?

- would there be a requirement to spend it, or could I put it in the bank?

- how would it be paid? (My grandkids don’t have checking accounts)

- is this a big bribe by the republicans to encourage people to vote for Trump?

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-is this a big bribe by the republicans to encourage people to vote for Trump?

I bet it is.
Hurry up and be the first to call your Rep or Senator and demand that they vote no!

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Where is it coming from?

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- would this be taxable income in 2021?

Unlikely—things like disaster relief and workers’ comp are not. There would be a lot of deductions available for the income losses related to the crises

- would there be a requirement to spend it, or could I put it in the bank?

You could just put it in the bank. It would still stimulate the economy and help people get through this,

- how would it be paid? (My grandkids don’t have checking accounts)

Open an account or simply cash out the check. I didn;t have a bank account when I first started working,

- is this a big bribe by the republicans to encourage people to vote for Trump?

Trump doesn’t need to bribe anyone, Can you imagine Biden trying to muddle through a crises like this, or Bernie trying to manage it? The Democrats saw this as something to blame Trump on and an opportunity for the Democrats, but the American people know better and see the country working together, especially the press conferences which are hard for the media and politicians to spin.

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@Yellowdog your source for the information above?

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It is his “let them eat cake” moment.
A one time bandaid, instead of long-term solutions, like paid sick leave or universal healthcare.
This whole thing will last a lot longer than one month.
I heard estimates that it could drag itself out for up to 2 years.

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@elbanditoroso No source required; it came from @Yellowdog.

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As for “can you imagine Biden or Bernie trying to manage it”...
Neither of them would have shut down the CDC’s pandemic response team, then pretended to know nothing about it when confronted.
Neither of them would have called it a “republican hoax” invented to damage their re-election chances.
Neither of them would have deliberately held back testing, to artificially keep the official numbers low to make themselves look better in the next election.
Neither of them would have pretended that everything is fine, and lied to the public that it is “contained”.
So yeah, imagine. They would have done a much better job than the Orangutan, both of them.
Fucker only started taking this seriously, when he got a good scare about potentially being infected. And face it, his personal doctor saying that he tested negative, is questionable at best.

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I’d much rather see a means tested pay out or better sick leave programs then receive a give-me. I wouldn’t be surprised if it were taken from the Social Security or Medicare funds.

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I am certain to get modded for previous.

Here is my helpful and on topic answer.

There might be strings of some sort or another.
Money does not grow on a proverbial tree

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I am going to help with Samaritan’s Purse | Nashville Tornado Response‎ later this week. I hope I will have the fortitude to never return to this site. I’m not hurt, but I find it unworkable as a forum for coherent discussion, and seem to get reactions and responses that really wonder if I am not causing severe problems for some of you.

It seems bizarre to me that I can give factual information and still be bashed for it. Perhaps if you disagree with the way disaster relief is distributed in this country, you should take it up with your senator. You always have that option.

Until then, take the trillion dollar stimulus package for what it is. Its going to individuals, not to agencies and distribution sources. You can spend the money any way you like. Listen to once for what is being said, and stop using the offer of aid to bash the source.

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@Yellowdog: Sources or links would be much appreciated. That’s all.

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Yay, Josie. It just gets to be a broken record! @Yellowdog @josie

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There’s a joke page on FB and they made reference to this move of Trump’s being socialism, which is a true and funny point.

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They are still working on it. If you notice, there is still no mention of a dollar amount

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