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What is the relationship between the current crisis and the migrant deluge?

Asked by stanleybmanly (21678points) 2 months ago from iPhone

Has fear of contagion suppressed the stampede from the South? What will be the consequence of the influx of people from places where public health resources are practically nonexistent?

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Stampede from the south?

Brown people coming in has been going down for forever. Obama went hard on immigration from the south.

They sure as fuck aren’t coming up here for medical treatment. I had a surgery scheduled for the 3rd because the cancer refuses to go away. But that is on hold for now since there is such a fucking shitshow so masks and beds are rare. And the hospitals are going to be a mess in a few months.

And my surgery is essential, but going to constantly evaluate the situation. Might happen, maybe not. So fucking great.

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We are closing the border. Previously, many came across and were held in detention. Now, they aren’t getting in.

Trump was disgusting saying almost all immigrants have COVID19. How would they even know, they aren’t testing!

It’s ridiculous to think all immigrants are sick.

However, detention centers would be horrible breading grounds. We are stopping travel altogether even people who usually would have no problem getting legal entry with a travel visa.

The message needs to be out there no migration now, Trump just didn’t need to use it as an opportunity to talk to the haters who think immigrants are diseased and violent.

@johnpowell That’s terrible. I don’t even know what to say. Postponing a cancer surgery. I can’t imagine how that is for you.

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NO one is being allowed t ocome in now. All borders with Canada and Mexico are closed except for supplies.

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It is fine.. You sort of learn to expect everything that can go wrong to go that way.

If people wonder why I am an especially hyper asshole that is why.

And I know that is wrong.. But I have no plans of stopping.

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@johnpowell I now know of 3 people including you who had their cancer treatment cancelled. My mom knows of someone who had a transplant cancelled. WTH? If the organ is available it doesn’t last forever. You miss the window you miss getting the organ.

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There is no relationship.

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I really worry about the children and adults we have caged in detention camps. It could spread like wildfire there. What a clusterfuck of evil!

And to answer your question, there is no relationship. Why would you even pose the question?

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There isn’t a relationship. Coincidence is not causality nor does it describe relationship.

And, there really was no “deluge” or “stampede”. The videos of crowds at the border were all at places where the Border Patrol would not process people so they had to stand in line for days.

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@johnpowell I am so so sorry to hear that the cancer is not gone. :(

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The nature of the relationship is the same. Morally, politically…trump and his fanatics don’t give a shit about migrants. They never will.

Those Americans who don’t hate illegal migrants will continue to care and feel compassion despite this terrible crisis they’re facing. Big-hearted non-narrow minded human beings are like that.

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@janbb Trump said they are being sent home.

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Who? How? They closed the borders.

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@janbb The way I interpreted it anyone being detained now, or anyone caught crossing without papers.

Borders are still open to some commerce, and probably to citizens going and coming back home. I know my Canadian friend said CA will require her to self quarantine for 14 days.

I’ll try to find what I saw. It was part of the press conference a day or two day ago.

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Why would they want to come here??? According to the John Hopkins map, we have had more deaths than Mexico has confirmed cases. Brazil is a hot box but I don’t remember hearing of many coming from there. I didn’t look at every country to verify how many cases each country has, but you can verify any country of concern.

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Here is the link to the press conference.

See minutes 17:10 thru 21:00 and minutes 55:00 thru 58:00.

I tried to narrow it down to what we are talking about here, without having to spend tons of time listening to it again. There might be 30 seconds to a minute within those times that’s not quite relevant.

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Perhaps i didn’t understand the question because of the very snarky tone of its wording. Would you like to elucidate what connection you might see @stanleybmanly ?

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