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What do you think about the MMORPG "Secret World Legends"?

Asked by luigirovatti (1607points) 1 week ago

It’s my favourite, because you can choose three faction:

a) the most obvious, the “Illuminati”, it’s about power, obtained with every means, governing, and mantaining govern;

b) the most radical, the “Templars”, fights down evil, pure and simple, but with a dedication and ruthlessness uncommon to the other factions;

c) the most esoteric, the “Dragons”, creates with Chaos Theory and the Butterfly Effect a controlled experiment with the purpose to arrive at a model of the Universe of their purpose, let’s say.

For furher informations, watch this introductive video:

So, what do you think? Let me know in the answers below!

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Is there PvP? That always ends in a cash grab.

Is the player base friendly? I mean, will they help you level up, etc?

Are the developers responsive to complaints?

Is it free, and can you go all the way through the game without purchasing anything? I won’t play a game that requires purchases to advance, but I will pay to support it if my conditions are met.

I’m playing a game that meets all my conditions and more now.

I’d actually have to try your game to have an opinion. I have learned to thoroughly research (read reviews of) a game before downloading. It saves a lot of hassle.

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I remember trying it about a decade ago, and I uninstalled it about an hour later, because the lack of mouse-look in a first person game pissed me the fuck off.

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