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How far away is "back home"?

Asked by Jeruba (48886points) 4 days ago

How would you feel about being back there right now?

Or do you still live near where you grew up?

Mention the area if you don’t mind revealing it.

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Yup. Back home in New Jersey. Was away for college and lived two years in England but most of my life around these parts.

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It’s about an hour and a half by boat.
Right now, I’d freeze my butt off but when the weather warms up, I’ll go back there. Like a salmon. XD

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30 miles. But it’s changed.

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15 miles south of me. I used to drive through it every day going to and from work. Wouldn’t mind moving back there actually. It’s far too expensive now though.

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About 50 miles from where I live now is the area I grew up in. I loved it but don’t visit it very often. It’s affluent and charming. It was then, and it is now. It’s a town right near NYC.

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We moved to BC when I was ten, so BC has always been home to me.

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I live in my childhood home. I just came across an old newspaper article online the other day from when they quarantined some families just down the street from here during the Spanish flu outbreak in 1918. At that time, my great grandparents and my grandfather (then a toddler) would have been living in this house. Kind of an interesting thing to think about.

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About 800 miles from where I went to high school and college. 3000 miles from where I was born and went to school up to 8th grade.

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For me, it’s 3000 miles. After more than 40 years, I’m still homesick for New England. I’d move back there in a second if I thought I could manage it and had no obligations here.

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Back to those halcyon days of youth in the northwest US, Idaho, Oregon, eastern Washington.

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My home is 10 minutes from my grandparents place in Missouri. That was my home. Mom and I moved about 20 miles away a few times but not far. We were the caretakers, I guess. I decorate graves and pay the dues on the family plot.

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about 40 lightyears.

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A 10 minute walk, tops.
Maybe 600 meters, as the crow flies

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Back home is about 250 miles (4 hours) away. The Peninsula region of the Bay Area. My parents still live in the house I grew up in. I would like be back home, but I’m avoiding any kind of traveling right now.

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39 years ago is my home. In Edmonton Alberta. With my mom.

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The maternity hospital where I sprang forth into this void we call life is no more than a 3 minute run from my house. I say hospital, what I really mean is the site, got pulled down years ago.
It’s a teeny tiny wee place, unsurprisingly called Little Thorpe.

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I was born and raised in Oakland, California. I lived in a great area of the city.
I now live 225 miles away, but that doesn’t seem as much as the way Oakland has changed.
When I am in the area, I still visit my parent’s grave, and some of the spots I am still nostalgic about.

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To me, back home is anywhere that the American flag is displayed.

Knowing this site as I do, this will subject me to a ration of abuse.

Do your worst
I don’t give a shit.

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@josie Old glory blowing in the breeze, just as she should be!
Nowt wrong with patriotism, I’m right there with you man.

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Two hundred and 26 miles away from childhood home.

However it is a major city and I now live in the country ( National Park System) and love the lifestyle here.
I was never one for Bars nor drinking and most cities are suited for catering to those who do .

The lifestyle is chaotic in the city yet serene in the country.

I suppose age makes a difference however more and more younger people have moved here and enjoy the outdoor activities and are actively healthy.

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Home is an hour’s drive and a trip in a time machine to when my mom was alive and well.
And yes, I wish I was there now.

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The “town I grew up in” is about 30 miles from where I live; it’s on the San Francisco peninsula, while I live in the East Bay.

I rarely even drive through it, and I haven’t gotten off the freeway there in years. No one left there that I know, we all moved away.

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@zenvelo Moving away is a theme in the Bay Area, especially the ever-more-unaffordable Peninsula.

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@Demosthenes There are eight fellow graduates of my high school class living within 10 miles of me in Contra Costa county. I think there is one living in Burlingame who inherited the family home.

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3,000 miles. No, I would not want to be there. It was the starting point for Covid-19 in the states.

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@zenvelo Yeah, there are a few from my class still living there too, though I’d say most of them are in the tech industry (and many live in SF itself).

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I live in the same town I have lived in my whole life, just not the house I grew up in. My dad still lives in my childhood home, which is only a few miles away from me. :)

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