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So how is everyone doing in regards to Covid -19?

Asked by Pandora (32257points) March 27th, 2020

I haven’t been on for some time because I forgot my password. So I haven’t been able to see how everyone is doing. Are your families doing well? Are you being safe or treating this like it’s a joke.

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I’ve been inside for 14 days. Not vomiting anymore. Might not be Covid -19.

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Everyone’s fine, thanks.
We are not panicking/fearful nor are we being unsafe.
I hope you and your family are well.

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Well mostly staying home and if I am out I try to stay away from other people.

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WE are fine worrying about Mrs Squeeky because she is a care aid ,but so far so good but we are far from out of this yet.

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Glad to hear everyone seems to be doing well. Yeah, I’m been home for 2 weeks straight. I’m running out of projects. Well, at least it gave me time to search for my password. There are some spring cleaning projects I wish I could do while my hubby works from home but I usually wait till all the pollen has fallen. I wanted to wash my windows and change my curtains but I know once all that yellow crap flys I will have to do it all over again. Everyone in my family is pretty much staying put and are either working from home or working in a safe place. Like my sister. She is in an office of 2 people but the other lady is only part-time and generally just goes home and its a huge office so they don’t even need to ever get close to each other..

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Doing well. I’ve been working from home since last Thursday, so over a week now. It’s not very busy, just a few emails, phone calls and texts every day. Luckily my boss is very hands on and involved, which eases my workload by a lot. At first, when I left work last Wednesday (two Wednesdays ago) it felt weird because everyone at work looked healthy and it was weird saying goodbye to coworkers with no end date in sight.

I’m really enjoying not worrying about having to get to sleep at night and the morning routine which is rush rush rush. I’m trying to get some stuff done in the house and I have plans to paint the dining room and clean and organize some stuff. I also would like to do some craft projects. I’m telling myself that I’m usually busy with working and commuting and now this is the chance I have always wanted, to have a lot of free time and I have to take advantage of it.

I also took some nice walks in my friend’s neighborhood with her daughters and my daughters. It gave us a chance to chat and the girls to see each other, plus exercise which is a bonus.

Today I spent the day on the deck with the computer and phone. Weather was about 65 – perfect and sunny.

My daughter is up all night and sleeps most of the day. She’s 12, almost 13. She is very happy having online school. There’s not been a lot of work yet. I think school will be closed the rest of the school year.

I am in NY, what’s called the Tri-state area, which is southern NY, CT and NJ – where all 3 states meet.

Nobody I know personally has the virus yet. I know of some employees who have it and they’re home with fevers. Nobody hospitalized that I know of. I know a few nurses and they’re very busy.

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Starting Monday 5 PM we are “stay-at-home” for thirty days !

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Doing well. In fact I’m enjoying my time at home right now. I’ve seen people complaining about not being able to go outside, but not me :D Apart from my thesis which gives me something to do and makes me less happy :( I have got soooooo much done and so many new projects to look for. I’m just annoyed that I can’t get out to execute some of them, but at least I already have enough to do. Some people complain about having nothing to do, but I’m still enjoying a lot of leisure time :)

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I am staying with my brother who is at high risk if he gets the virus (transplant recipient), and his husband who has asthma. So I am scared of bringing the virus home. I wipe groceries with bleach wipes or wash them.

My mother lives nearby in an assisted living apartment. If the virus gets in there we’ll see some funerals. They allow no visitors. But the staff has to go home and return. Scary.

Workers at the grocery store and pharmacy are heroes. And the truckers. We would be sunk if they were not on the job.

But we are living comfortably. We are lucky to have a home and income. We get along well. Cabin fever has not arrived.

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Other than this I am doing alright

I have been getting the mail while my sister is out of town.

But I had a wildly productive day today.

This morning I broke down my fishtank and cleaned everything and then put it back together. This took hours. But the fish are back in it now and they seem happy.

I also gave the fridge and microwave in my bedroom a good deep clean. Same with my bathroom. Bleached the shit out of everything and now it is pristine. I also cleaned the carpets. My sister has a fancy carpet cleaning machine that uses water and soap. My carpets were nasty.

And now I have manicotti in the oven.

Massively productive.

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Ok here, I think…

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I’m doing pretty good considering all the chaos around me!!!

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The restrictions are not bothering me and the days are passing fairly pleasantly with home projects, reading and walks outside but I do get very worried at times about getting ill or my loved ones getting ill. My DIL is a nurse at a large medical facility and i am in th at-risk category for not getting treatment because of my age.

I have to think that given the odds, those who aren’t concerned have their heads in the sand a bit.

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@Call_Me_Jay Yeah, I’m concerned over some of my family members at well. My daughter and son in law are working from home so I’m happy about that. She has asthma so Covid-19 is a real concern for her. What makes me nervous is that this is always her worst time of year. Pollen season usually messes her up and when it does I will fear the worse for her this year. My hubby also has an autoimmune issue but he gets cabin fever even though he is working from home and insist on going shopping for the groceries. I do make him wear a mask though. Also, have some other family members who are autoimmune or recovering from cancer or are in poor health or over 90. So there is that concern as well. But when you look at the global map, it is everywhere.

@LadyMarissa Thanks.

@johnpowell Ah, manicotti. Yum. Yesterday I made, rice and beans with chicken with onions and green peppers and garlic and pl├ítano maduro (sweet fried plantain). Cleaning my carpets is also on my to-do-list but I usually wait for pollen season to pass. Surprisingly the cherry blossom trees have bloomed early this year but the regular trees haven’t even budded yet. We may not have had a lot of rain this year but I would say we had an average amount and yet nothing. I think they got use to the steady melting of a few feet of snow but for the last 2 years, we haven’t had any snow.

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I’m good, we all are.
This will all blow over in a few short months, remember to appreciate things more though.

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Was able to get groceries. Only the hamburger meat was short. I didn’t look at the toilet paper levels. I got some food to last a couple of days. Beef bavarian’s and hot dog Italian buns , chicken wings and drinks. Pop, milk orange juice. Also some snacks to keep me occupied.

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