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Could having a privatized health care system be the reason the US has the highest infection rate in the world regarding Covid19?

Asked by SQUEEKY2 (18564points) 2 months ago

Just wondering?
Or maybe at first it was blown off as a democratic hoax by Trump?

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Yes. Also on the flip side private labs will be the first to develop a vaccine. A “real” cure would be enough to make a big profit, for any buisness.

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I think the answer is trump
He really fucked this up.

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No @Dutchess_lll he said he excepts no responsabilty for this.

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He’s not responsible for anything; he is out of his league and outta control !!

He thinks by calling it “Chinese Flu”, people will lot him off the hook.

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We don’t have the highest rate though. Not yet. We have the highest total number of infections, but we’re the third most populous country in the world, so with that taken into account, countries like Italy and Spain have been much harder hit. I think we have a lot of infections largely because we were so woefully unprepared for this and still saying “it’s just the flu” for weeks.

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It is of course not the highest in the world and a guaranteed certainty that 3rd world nations will surpass us in death and disruption pending development of suitable vaccines. We simply may have the highest rate of KNOWN cases. Without the tests, the realities around the contagion sweepstakes remain a guess. But the one certainty this epidemic will generate unequivocally is what is already for the most part understood by critics of our disjointed and disparate healthcare distribution. Put simply, where you live in America will
influence your chances of surviving this pandemic.

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As pointed out above, the US doesn’t have the highest rate.

We are getting hit hard though, and responsibility lies with Trump’s refusal to listen to doctors in scientists who didn’t give him the Pollyannish story he wanted to believe.

Our messed up “health care” system isn’t the cause, but it will lead to a lot of suffering and death among the uninsured, and bankruptcies for survivors (insured or not).

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No, I don’t think so. Italy has single-payer healthcare and look at the state they’re in.

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I wouldn’t call any of this ”...highest infection rate in the world…” until it’s all over. There are other places in the world that could probably surpass the US, like Japan, Africa, India, and others. And this thing hasn’t even hit it’s peak yet…

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We don’t have the highest infection rate. Not yet.

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Am I confusing infection rate with,number of people infected?

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The hard hit areas are very social spots, which usually means they are melting pots, which usually means they favor democrats.

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Maybe our confirmed infected rate is higher because we had so many get the tests right away & not wait for the government to decide we needed one. On the other hand, I wouldn’t be shocked to discover that our number of confirmed infected has been padded in order to make trump look better before the election!!!

The US is #1 on the number of people infected with Italy as #2. The difference is that the US has a population of 323 million where Italy’s population is 60 million. Modi in India has locked down his country because they have a population of over a bilion people & he anticipates that they will be hit hard. Russia seems to be the ONLY country that has everything under control & keeping their numbers low, but I’m assuming that they are under reporting to make Putin look good. It seems strange to me that the country that borders China has a low rate of infected & an even lower rate of deaths. I think it was 1,500 infected with 8 deaths as of today. Maybe Russia needs to share their secret cure!!!

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It’s because every country took it seriously and took action, except trump who blew it off as Democratic hoax.
I hope he gets it.

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It’s beneath you to wish such a thing on the fool. It’s also pretty useless since he is the one individual guaranteed an immediate and very early diagnosis as well as the sort of medical care that you or I will NEVER see. The one thing of which I remain convinced is that Trump doesn’t actually choose to be an inept, ignorant, dishonest jackass any more than your dog decides to have a tail.

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Am I confusing infection rate with,number of people infected?

Yes, you got it. Rate is total divided by something (think ratio or “per”). For example, Italy is at roughly 1,615 infections per million population and the USA is at 428.

100,000 infections
60,000,000 population
100,000 / 60M = 1,615 infections per million population

140,000 infections
327,000,000 population
140,000 / 327M = 428 infections per million population

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@Call_Me_Jay I just looked and the states have very near 150,000 as of today Mar, 30 you guys are catching up very fast.

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Western and Southern Europe combined I think has about the same population as the US.

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I suspect that when this whole thing is finally behind us, it will become clear that our private health system lead to more deaths per capita, and a higher infection rate than other countries with universal healthcare.

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I would totally agree with you @gorillapaws .

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If you have any type of underlying health conditions, your ventilator will go to someone else who is healthier than you and might survive easier than you

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If it wasn’t for my grandkids I’d move to Canada.

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If it wasn’t for the snow, I’d move to Canada

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Greener grass?

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Seka right where we are we only see about 8inches a year, but a half hour north of us they get around three feet.
It depends on where you are, and in the summer we get weeks of over a 100f.

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