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Do you count the steps when walking up and down a staircase?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (16789points) 2 months ago

Just wondering. I do, and I keep forgetting the total.

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If it’s a staircase to remember yes.
They have a stair case going up the centre of the Mica dam and we climbed it Mrs Squeeky counted the steps.

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I used to; we ran up thirteen floors at a place in the downtown. 250 or so steps
Also ran up the Washington Monument fifty years ago ! Boy was I in shape then !!

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It doesn’t occur to me, and probably would only if I were searching for something to grouse about. Fortunately (or unfortunately) there’s plenty to bitch about ahead of anything so mundane as stairs. Thinking about it, it would probably require some surprise, such as arriving at a high rise with the elevators on the blink. And such a thing hasn’t happened to me in decades.

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Not usually.

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Usually, yes.

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No, I don’t.

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I deliberately avoid counting the steps, but I keep track of whether the number of steps is even or odd. I always try to take the last step with my right foot. That means that if the total number of steps is even then I start climbing with my left food, otherwise with my right. When I encounter a staircase the first time, I take a guess whether it is even or odd,and start with right or left foot accordingly.

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Yes I do.
Not sure why. But I always do, unless it’s someplace that I use the stairs regularly, and I have already learned how many steps. But even then, I think the total as I take the steps.
Never really thought about this before.

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If I’m walking down the stairs in my home in the dark,I do.

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