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My phone told me that it takes “Emergency calls only” what does it mean, and how long will it last?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (16751points) 1 month ago

Have you ever received a similar message from your phone?

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Try this website ‘Emergency calls only’
Power it off and leave it off for at least 30 seconds then power it back up is easiest.

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@Tropical_Willie Thanks. Resetting the phone helped.

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Used the Airplane mode too !

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@Tropical_Willie What is Airplane mode?

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In settings there should be a way to shut off WiFi and phone for flying in a an Airplane.

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What that sometimes means is that your SIM card has gotten loose (or gone bad) is no longer identifying your phone to the cell phone network. The network sees that a phone exists, but can’t tie it to an account.

The reason it says “emergency Calls Only” is that by law, all cell phones, whether on a contract or not, have to connect to 911.

Reasons for the SIM not working:
– your contract ended and you didn’t renew
– you are late on payments and they cut you off
– the local tower for your network is down
– the SIM card got loose.

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Go for aeroplane mode it’s better.

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