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Is there a website I can go to see when I get off Probation?

Asked by ericmorris25 (92points) 2 months ago

My PO said I get off in September but I need an exact date.

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You should get that from the PO. If you need it for work or for some other life requirement, the PO will be helpful.

If you want to know when you can do something you aren’t allowed to do on probation, you should rethink your actions.

And you should have all the paperwork from court. When you were ordered on probation, the form given to you by the court clerk will have the date when probation is over on it, Where is the paperwork?

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Yes. Talk to your PO. Also, I would contact your legal representation. If the two sources contradict, time to dig deeper…

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Ask you lawyer.

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I agree with @zenvelo, you should have documentation from your sentencing.

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i asked my po and he wouldnt tell me

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@ericmorris25: You have no documents from court?

How about the attorney who represented you in court? Ask him if you can’t find your documents.

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My attorney retired and shut down his practice.

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Well then, consider September 30 as the date you are off probation. You’ll have to behave for the whole month.

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Behaving, for the rest of your life, would be wise. Repeat offenders, don’t do well in court, or in life…

You have a chance, to start a new life. Not everyone gets that…

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ive always behaved i was wrongly convicted

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^I didn’t mean anything personal…

Peace n love.

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