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Can I cough on my elbow when I had a blood test recently?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (19453points) April 7th, 2020

How long till it is ok? I know that can just cough on my other elbow, but it doesn’t feel natural.

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Sure. It won’t do any harm.

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No, it’s unnatural and would seem physically impossible.

But it’s so desirable. I can certainly relate to irresistibility of the desire to cough on your elbow. Who doesn’t long to do that? The question, as you say, is how long can you hold out not satisfying your desires?

Afraid of infecting your elbow with your mouth germs?

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Yes, you can cough into your elbow. It’s perfectly safe.

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@Zaku Sorry. I meant my arm. How long do I have to wait after getting a blood test to cough in my arm? Seeing that I have a little hole where my blood test was done?

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Ok, that helps a little, but it still makes no sense. Whether you are shedding virus through your breath or not, in both cases, you don’t need to worry about infecting yourself through your arm!

Think it through in detail.

Case A: You are infected. You can’t infect yourself worse than you already are. You just need to worry about infecting other people. Isolate yourself, etc.

Case B: You are not infected. You can’t infect anything. Relax.

As for getting infected by other things: Put a bandage on your hole. When it has a scab on it, you don’t need a bandage on it.

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@Zaku I just asked my pharmacy and they said 10 seconds of wait before coughing after a blood test.

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I get where you are coming from.

But from a typical blood draw the hole closes up really quickly. If blood is no longer coming out nothing is getting back in. Skin is freakishly elastic.

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