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I notice some people driving alone with a mask on why would they do that?

Asked by SQUEEKY2 (20610points) April 7th, 2020

I can understand in a store, or where others are around but alone in your vehicle?
Are people getting over paranoid?

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What is over paranoid? Whatever means one takes to protect themself is probably not too much, as long as it doesn’t harm others.

Maybe the person wants to make sure they don’t touch their face on the way home from the market. Maybe they just picked up their car from the mechanic and are concerned that there might be the virus inside. There are a number of possibilities.

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They’re probably just a bank robber thinking that with so many people wearing masks in public, they can wear their disguise ALL day long! ;-0

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Maybe because the interiors of their cars have been exposed, such as by carrying groceries or having unprotected hands on the steering wheel. Maybe just to be sure they don’t forget it. Maybe to go from home to destination and back without losing whatever protection they had at home.

Maybe just superstition.

One acquaintance of mine used to wear a mask most of the time, including alone in her car. I don’t know why. This was more than two years ago. If it made sense to her, why not?

I don’t think anyone who rides this thing out is going to say, “Dammit, I was too careful. Why didn’t I take more chances with my health and that of my family?”

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I did this Saturday, only because I forgot to take it down after I got in the car. Felt silly.

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From what I have heard, the main reason for a non-doctor-treating-someone to wear a mask, is to keep you from habitually touching your face, it would make as much sense to wear a mask alone in a car as it would any other time between touching something potentially contaminated and cleaning hands.

@Brian1946 Yeah, they’re all bank robbers circling waiting for the other bank robbers to clear away before robbing the closed banks.

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Thanks for the reasons I was just wondering, I wash my hands so much during this crisis I have rashes, great another problem.
I give up not touching my face I do make a point as to try and not do it so much.

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It’s hard for many people to stop touching their faces. Masks can help that a lot.

If it doesn’t work for you, you could try this:

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I just sometime forget it’s there.

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@SQUEEKY2 I have rashes on my hands from washing them so much also. It’s itchy and bumpy. But it’s worth not getting sick.

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I walk to the store nearly everyday. I put the mask on before I go to the store. But I wear it on the walk home. Nobody is out and is totes safe to do the walk back without it. I should add that I absolutely hate wearing the mask since it fogs up my glasses.

Here are my reasons: I touch my face a lot. Keeping the mask on reminds me to not touch my face. Reason two: I want to wash my hands before I touch my mask since I only have one. If I was to take off the mask with infected hands then I got the virus on the mask. Gotta keep it pure!

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I saw two people today within a ten minute period, with masks on, alone in their vehicles. I don’t get it.

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@jca2 , @canidmajor pointed out it could be they just picked the vehicle up from being worked on, they might be afraid of their shopping bags,others pointed out wearing it might remind them not to touch their face.
And I can understand you are in a very hot spot for this virus, me not so much but it is making it’s rounds around BC.

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I haven’t worn one yet. However, when I do, I will put it on at home before I go out. Thusly I will be wearing it alone in the car. I don’t trust myself to get it on correctly in my car before getting out. Also I wouldn’t want to take it off before getting home. Where am I gonna put in the car and not have it touch anything?

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People wear mask inside their vehicles because they can be asymptomatic. They don’t want to have droplets of the virus sprayed when they cough or sneeze. Minimizes the risk of infecting family or their Uber passengers later on when they get into the same vehicle.

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