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Do you think your immune system could beat Covid19?

Asked by mazingerz88 (24965points) 1 month ago

Also, have you heard about cytokines? It’s part of our immune system and they fight the virus but it seems after eliminating it these cytokines don’t deactivate right away.

When this happens, they can overwhelm our own system even attacking internal organs which can lead to death.

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I would rather not find out.

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Pretty sure it already did. Rick too.

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Maybe. I’ve rolled around with a lot of animals, had pink eye, ringworm and even mono. Not quite sure how to gauge that with an unknown.

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That’s what I’d be worried about. Because I’m young and healthy, I’m worried my immune system would overreact and potentially kill me; that seems to often be how the young healthy people die of these diseases. What an ironic way to go. The human body can be amazing in some circumstances and other times it’s just a mess.

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^^Good news. It seems doctors found some success with a drug that pacifies the cytokines. Bit of a shock first time I read about cytokines.

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Yes. The percentage of people my age who die from it is only 2.5%. I’ve always been quite healthy, and I beat a MRSA infection.

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Assuming I had the flu in January and still have not fully recovered, I think I am primed to be hospitalized or drop dead from COVID19 if I catch it now. I continue to have lung trouble. I took an antibiotic that helped a lot, the second antibiotic I have tried now, so let’s see if I completely heal. If I had COVID19 and not the flu that would be great if I am now immune and just having trouble after the fact, and hopefully not permanent damage.

I think it was more likely the flu, because my husband and I both had it, it came on fairly quickly, lasted barely a week, typical of flu, we had the same symptoms, but I have what I am calling a secondary infection. I fear the doctors are not giving me medication to really bang it out. Story of my life, it is very frustrating. I will die blaming doctors for not prescribing what I needed, again a story throughout my adulthood. I am going to write what I am concerned about do if I get taken to the hospital maybe they will try antibiotics just because what do they have to lose. I think I should have taken levoquin or Recephrin with the Zithromax; it’s too risky now to treat my lung problems like a typical sinus infection, but that is what they are doing.

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When my daughter turned 1 (12 years ago) she got a virus and my body’s reaction to it was an autoimmune disease. I am not sure if my immune system could beat Coronavirus but I would hope not to end up with the autoimmune disease again. I was hospitalized for a month and couldn’t walk. Some people die from it.

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I have zero idea. This thing has a mind of it’s own.

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Impossible to say. I did consider the chance this would be what gets me as a lot of us have. It would not e a bad way to go, a healthy life that concludes with a brief illness vs one with a long drawn out decline in health.

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@ARE_you_kidding_me A brief illness? Have you read the horrific conditions a person has to live through first at a Covid unit in a hospital? You can’t even have visitors. I dunno maybe you don’t care about dying in isolation, but I do.

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I’ll take a few weeks over years of battling cancer or some other long drawn out disease where your quality of life is diminished. I’m actually fine with dying alone but whatever makes it easier for my loved ones.

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I think that I’ll likely beat SARS Cov2.

I’m 69 but my immune system is strong. The last time that I had the flu was 1979. I might catch a cold once every couple of years and I recover very quickly.

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I don’t know. Statistically, the odds seem to be in my favor. But, I smoked for over 15 years and I have a history of asthma as well as having been hospitalized with pneumonia in the past. I feel like the scale could tip either way for me. Hard to guess.

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@anniereborn What is a brief illness? My grandfather got trampled by a horse in 1933 and died of his injuries in 1972. My dad discovered he had lung cancer and died from it 6 months later. I’d say death from coronavirus is relatively brief.

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I admit I’ve thought about it that way, too @ARE_you_kidding_me. In terms of ways to go, at least it is quick compared to a lot of others. Not minimizing anyone’s experience or suffering, just that if it were to happen to me personally I think I’d be okay with that.

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Oh yeah!
It wouldn’t dare invade my facial cavities.

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You people are all stronger than me. From what I have read about being on a Covid unit, it’s the stuff of nightmares. And I am well aware of what cancer does. I had a sister die from it and another that just got a diagnosis. I’m probably next.

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Yes. Hopefully.

A cytokine storm is a rare side effect a lot of diseases not all of them infectious. It’s not something I’d worry about.

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Could easily go either way.
Rather not find out.

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