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What is that thing your Mom or Dad tried teaching you as a kid that you hated yet you ended being good at as an adult?

Asked by mazingerz88 (26678points) April 9th, 2020

I remember being annoyed a whole lot being taught how to wash dishes at the sink by my Mom when I was ten. She had her own unique procedure of doing it. Begrudgingly I obeyed but did it exactly my own way when she wasn’t looking.

Years later in college after dinner with friends and I was doing the dishes at the sink I got praised for the way I was doing it. It was my Mom’s.

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My Mother taught me only a couple things. Never hated anything she did. It was what she didn’t do for me that I hated. I craved her attention but she was always far too busy to deal with me. My Father died from leukemia when I was 4. I remember one day he put me in the shower and left me there crying. At first I was very afraid but I soon started playing in the water. Just when I started to have fun with the water, my Father’s strong hands reached in an pulled my out of the shower.

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^^The things we remember. I ached reading that post. My Mom wasn’t there enough either. I was never biiter nor angry just disappointed. I had my aunt, only fifteen years older than me, do the mothering from infancy to high-school. Never had a child of her own nor got married. When she passed away at the age of 58 due to cancer, I lost a Mom. Pains me each time I think of her.

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Firing housestaff

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Nothing. I was constantly pressing them to teach me stuff.

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